20 Dec There is a major pentatonic scale and a minor pentatonic scale. The awesome part is that they contain the same note intervals (with differing. Pentatonic Scales for Guitar. The Essential Guide. Series: Guitar Educational. Format: Softcover Audio Online – TAB. Author: Chad Johnson. This book provides . For many guitarists, the minor pentatonic, or “the pentatonic scale,” is the first scale you learned to play on guitar.

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The first way is to compare it to the 6 th mode of the melodic minor scale, the Scale 9 scale. In practice, many people include it.

Pentatonic Scales for Guitar, Guitar Educational – Hal Leonard Online

So basically, you are benefiting from a number of wonderful tensions just by hitting the 9th in the scale! The tonic refers to the first note of the key.

The E minor box form is the same as the G Major box form. It will be a major milestone in your guitar development. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. There is a lot of note skipping in this pattern. As well, most players learn all 5 boxes and then settle on a few that they prefer to use in their solos.

To begin your study of this important scale, learn how this scale is built, and how it relates to not only major and Mixolydian scales. The minor pentatonic scale is the best scale to learn first on guitar.


Ships from and sold by Elizabeth La. Along with ferocious study of countless sacles sheets and annual reports…. All the notes should sound fine. Think of how great you guie feel if you can take the guitar and just fly across the neck and set the world on fire with your guitar playing! As with any melodic minor based pentatonic, you can hear the tension created with the 7b13 pentatonic. Though it can be a bit tense compared to other minor-based pentatonics, the mMaj7 pentatonic scale is essential for any jazz or fusion guitarist.

In a major key, play the major pentatonic scale and its relative minor interchangably. One of the most guitsr tunes that uses dominant 7 th chords is the bar blues. Below are two fingerings for A major pentatonic that you can learn and apply to your guitar solos. Approaching your practice in this way ensures that you get the most out of your time in the practice room.

After you learn either fingering, put on the A7 jam track to hear how this scale sounds when applied to harmony. This is a great book. The third mode of the major scale creates an interesting pentatonic scale when you pair it down, the Phrygian pentatonic.

Buy the selected items together Fpr item: Similarly, the G major box pattern, should be rooted on the open 3rd string or 12th fret of the 3rd string. Get to Know Us. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

In this case, the minor pentatonic scale contains the minor seventh, so that note sounds great. You can find some licks in my Licks, Riffs, and Tricks section.


Excellent book of some of the pentatonic scales for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player. Following on from your above explanation of the filled in dots being the root notes; if you look at several of the box samples e.

As this is the fundamental minor pentatonic scale, you can compare it to the natural minor scale from an ffor standpoint.

The only exceptions are major and minor pentatonic, which are the fundamental versions that other scales are built from. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Pentatonic Scales

Guitar ScalesPopular. As you use Dorian to solo over m7 chords, you use the Dorian pentatonic to solo over those same m7 chords. Home Free Lessons Pentatonic Scales. So, feel free to take that pattern out of the lick and into your practice routine to study it further. This lesson teaches you how to play 14 different pentatonic scales, apply patterns to these scales, and how to use them in your guitar solos. There was a problem filtering reviews svales now.