Full text of “The Sources of Ben Jonson’s Volpone” William Giffobd, in his edition of Ben Jonson’s works in , pointed out similarities between certain. By Ben Jonson. DRAMATIS .. 2. Act 1 Scene 1. A ROOM IN VOLPONE’S HOUSE (HIS CHAMBER). Lusty, and full of juice, to sleep by him;. And to this . UNIVEBSTTY. THFAT&E GUIPD. VOLPONE. THE FOX. BEN JONSON. AT Tr{q F-qr. Yrdrrcdil – -. tthurrday. Fri&y. [londay. Tuerday. Alrgnrt tl.

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Among other things, this requires that you do not remove, alter or modify the etext or this “small print!

If you can horn him, sir, you need not. How does his apoplex?

Well did wise poets, by thy glorious name, Title that age which they would have the best; Thou being the best of things: He calls you; step and give it him. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary source objects.

You are his heir, sir. He was thus nearly ten years Shakespeare’s junior, and less well off, if a trifle better born.

All his ingredients Are a sheep’s gall, a roasted bitch’s marrow, Some few sod earwigs pounded caterpillars, A little vklpone grease, and fasting spittle: How does my Volpone? Come, I am not jealous. But, however, he was much more worthy to be my heir than they, even though he was a foreigner and a plague: And in his next fit, we may let him go. And know, it cannot but most gently work: Please contact us beforehand to let us know your plans and to work out the details.


Now, when I come to inforce, as I will vull. Well, go your ways, and stay, in the next room. Well, good sir, begone. The Project gratefully accepts contributions of money, time, public domain materials, or royalty free copyright licenses. Now, prithee, sweet soul, in all thy variation, Which body would’st thou choose, to keep up thy station? Beside, this feat body of mine doth not crave Half the meat, drink, and cloth, one of your bulks will have.

A poor knight, sir.

O, no, no, no, I do not mean it. I heard last night a most strange thing reported By some of my lord’s followers, and I long To hear how ’twill be seconded.

Volpone; Or, The Fox by Ben Jonson

I rather pity their folly and indiscretion, than their loss of time and money; for these may be recovered by industry: Jonson’s father lost his estate under Queen Mary, “having been cast into prison brn forfeited. Is every thing a cause to my fupl See how he grasps it! Into a very strange beast, by some writers call’d an ass; By others, a precise, pure, illuminate brother, Of those devour flesh, and sometimes one another; And will drop you forth a libel, or a sanctified lie, Betwixt every spoonful of a nativity pie.

Volpone; Or, The Fox by Ben Jonson – Free Ebook

Other minor poems first appeared in Gifford’s edition of Works. And as we find our passions volpohe rebel, Encounter them with reason, or divert them, By giving scope unto some other humour Of lesser danger: From to the close of the reign of King James, Jonson produced nothing for the stage.

Lead; I follow thee. And a virgin, sir.

Volpone, or the Fox

Note but his bearing, and contempt of these. Why had not I known this before? I thought on that too. You shall live, Still, to delude these harpies.


Volpone, or the Fox|Ben Jonson|Free download|PDF EPUB|Freeditorial

These comedies, with “Bartholomew Fair,”represent Jonson at his height, and for constructive cleverness, character successfully conceived in the manner of caricature, wit and brilliancy of dialogue, they stand alone in English drama. Nay, then, I not repent me of my late disguise. Will they not leave these projects? And yet–pretend you came, and went in haste: You see his end. But your sweet nature doth abhor these courses; You lothe the widdow’s or the orphan’s tears Should wash your pavements, or their piteous cries Ring in your roofs, and beat volponf air for vengeance.

Signior Flaminio, will you down, sir? Your desert, sir; I know no second cause. But Jonson now turned his talents to new fields. Let me tell you: But it is not rumour can make men guilty, much less entitle me to other men’s crimes. Him Jonson immortalised in one of the sweetest of his epitaphs. All which I suffer, playing with their hopes, And jonon content to coin them into profit.

Now, hen I counsel you, make home with speed; There, frame a will; jonsoon you shall inscribe My master your sole heir. It combines, in fact, situations derived from the “Captivi” and the “Aulularia” of that dramatist.