24 Jan The name that Vitel once was is Vitel Wireless. That name Vitel compensation plan offers product/service based residuals. Vitel pays your. Vitel Wireless has one of the most lucrative Compensation Plans in the Mobile Cellphones and Network Marketing industries. Learn how you can Earn Extra.

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Go back to the drawing board and come out with a retailable product or service, or drop the MLM compensation plan and switch to a straight affiliate model. I accept that, but it was because they were withholding information from event the top leaders I was talking with.

Vitel Wireless Compensation Plan – Make Money Your Very First Day – Video Dailymotion

Now with the addition of one of the top MLM attorneys we know that we will continued to be on point and grow to be a very powerful company eireless our Walmart approach to home services for the people. For the legal eagles out there, the following is an editorial, and reflects my own opinions and observations. So what did we get wrong? You cannot have retail customers plwn you have no retail product offering, period.

Ironically some address these very specific topics.

Maybe Oz and I just had our luck and landed on the recruit only pages. Again, successful companies such as Other companies and their alleged success are irrelevant. Whatever the reason you find yourself on this page your search is over — because in this Vitel review I will share with you the important details about the company, their products, wifeless compensation plan and most importantly a strategy that can greatly enhance your odds of success in this or any home based business you choose.


For a company that launched in I think this reflects extremely poorly on the Vitel business itself and I sincerely hope is not indicative of how the rest of the business is run.

And what was worse was that was the only product ever required to be a part of the comp plan. LOL, looks like somebody had a bad day at fantasy football. Nothing else was removed. But, pieces of shit, well, even 3 years later, are still just pieces of shit…. Jun 30th, at And the last link on the top menu takes people to the myvitel opportunity page. We are not, as mentioned above, strictly a membership company.

Vitel Review – Is Vitel Wireless A Smart Choice? |

May 12th, at 3: The problem is when do you wireleds it. Vitel operates based on specific partnership agreements. Chris You can buy the services from their website without joining the opportunity, so that part of things is above board IMO.

There is no fee, Real time, directly applied to the carrier. That is true, he has no background in MLM.

Riiiiiiiiiight… I spent a good few hours on this review and at least as far as the compensation analysis goes believe it to be wholly accurate. Are you and I looking at the same website? We have a proprietary bill payment system that customers can go on to our distributors websites and save money. Given that I cannot purchase the Vitel Benefits Network, the above statement is fundamentally incorrect.


Well duh, that particular section of the review woreless only vtel with the direct sale aspect.

Vitel Wireless Review: Recruitment + vendor sales

Jah and you both have great points. Compensatioj on topic and realise that attempting to play the corporate martyr will get you nowhere here.

Now if we only had the membership and no other viable customer products or compensation with our partnership products to rival the membership then, and only then, could you have a point.

Sep 6th, at By MLM terms a retail product has no ability to earn income. However, imagine if you went to work, to learn and implement some simple and proven strategies to generate your own leadsyou would hold all the cards and could build Vitelor any mlm company, or business you ever decide to get involved in.

I have been approached about Vitel.

I am not defensive nor do I think we are perfect. What I have a problem with is reporters, blogs, and columnist that do not reach out to the company they are commenting on or reporting on to gather information and or facts ocmpensation to reporting. Verizon and so on?