The Oath has ratings and reviews. Robert said: Frank Peretti, The Oath (Word, )I got this a few years back from my mother as a Christmas. An ancient sin. A long forgotten oath. A town with a deadly ing evil is at work in Hyde River, an isolated mining town in the mountains of the P. 9 Sep The Oath by Frank Peretti is one of those few books known as Christian suspense or horror. Frank Peretti has helped to pioneer this field, and.

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I mean, the hero is hunting a freaking invisible being that marks people in a way that causes them to go c I really enjoyed this book, it was a pretty great thriller that kept me thinking.

Frank Peretti hopes to soon make The Oath into a film. It had a very enveloping premise and I poured through half of it in half a school day yes, it was so engrossing of a beginning that I read it during class. Gian is a Peretti fan too.

Mommy-zombie is someone I try to avoid to be at all costs! If the aspect of God and sin had been put in earlier and more subtly, it wouldn This book was an OK book by my standards.

The Oath – Frank Peretti – Into the Book

Usually his books have me peetti from the very first chapter and keep me captivated even late through the night Something I really try not to do for my family’s sake. All the while, with every turn of the page I wanted to scream at the characters, “No!!! April Learn how and when to remove this template message. But his explorations will stir up a whole lot more than the suspicious natives of the town: Peretti seems incapable of displaying attraction as anything but sleazy. They were too stubborn to change their ways even though it was clear that they were going to view spoiler [be eaten hide spoiler ] if they didn’t.


I am afraid of tomorrow.

The whole animal in the forest thing reminded me of Monster which was good, but not brilliant. Stripped of the religion, this could oarh been a very good book. If you don’t mind books with long spaces without action and God suddenly thrust upon you, then knock yourself out with reading it.

Great storytelling with a great message. Peretti does a very good job of using the allegory of a dragon and ooze over the heart to represent sin and demonstrate how the wages of sin is death. Books by Frank E.

I wanted it to end. As the plot develops, it appears that there is more wrong than just a habituated bear. The book started out okay. You need a little action in every chapter, not just two or three chapters full of action and then five with just conversation and nothing happening.

If we live with our sin, it’ll be the death of us and result in eternal suffering in hell. A red mark appears over his heart, and gradually it begins to ooze black slime. Had he stayed right where he was and kept going in this vein till the end, The Oath might have hit my top ten reads of the year list.

The novel opens with an excerpt from a diary entry from during the founding of Hyde River. They eventually begin to stink, and their condition is noticed by everyone except themselves. What follows it the depiction of evil and what it does to a people. He is one of my most favorite authors when it comes to Christian fiction. He sure did scare me with this book, and for days I had dreamed of falling into a ditch with the black mud that smelled like a dead rat euuwww! They are frantic, irrational agents of unfocused destruction who must be controlled through marriage to a strong-willed man.

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Now, I started The Oath 4 different times over the years, and I felt that the beginning and ending were drug out longer than nessisary. His characters at least, in this novel are utterly believable, fallible people; his plot is gripping, and perfectly paced; the Oregon mountain setting is well-drawn the author makes his home in Oregon, or at least did at the time of this writing ; and he writes with genuine psychological and spiritual insight.

It is assumed that he was mauled by a bear, but Steve, with a Ph. On a more philosophical level, the story is an excellent allegory of how sin “eats us”. I informed Ben that I would not attend the signing of the Charter until the body was removed, so Ben ordered him cut down, taken out, and buried with the others. For those that still cry foul, who argue that Oath is still somehow worth my while despite being objectively awful, I must add that theologically, Oath is also, sadly, dreck.

The Oath, by Frank Peretti | Christian Book Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

The Hallelujah Chorus can fill an inveterate atheist with religious awe. See 2 questions about The Oath…. Steve, meanwhile, confronts the dragon in its supposed lair.