In Hugo and Nebula winner Silverberg’s epic alternative history, as grandly sweeping and imaginative as his celebrated Majipoor Cycle (Lord Valentine’s Castle. 27 Apr No power on Earth can resist the might of Imperial Rome, so it has been and so it ever shall be. Through brute force, terror, and sheer. I don’t know if there is a thread on this already, but I decided to make my own. So has anybody ever read the book? I love parts of it (Tales from.

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I suppose some type of explanation is in silverbrrg as to what I don’t like about alternate histories and why this novel stands out as different, but first the basics: Let us know what ribert think of infinity plus – e-mail us at: Silverberg seamlessly interpolates glimpses of Rome’s real history in this handsomely crafted fiction, whether looking back to the ideals of the ancient Republic—duty, honor, country—or inventing a captivating cast of might-have-beens.

A collection of short stories, some of them better than others. Silverberg alege robett cale facila preluand elemente si aspecte reale pe care le justifica neconvingator folosind cauze ce tin de istoria imaginara spre exemplu, desi Imperiul nu s-a prabusit, exista ev mediu, dogi ai Venetiei, latina e inlocuita de la un punct incolo cu dialecte locale, inclusiv la Roma ajunge sa se vorbeasca o asa-zisa limba romana, care e de fapt italiana.

More a collection of interrelated short stories than a novel, ROMA ETERNA deftly weaves an alternate history in which Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed are all sidelined, so that the rise of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims never has a chance to impede Rome’s global expansion; and he does it in a way that’s absolutely credible, and absolutely exhilarating.

It started out well as I lay on a deck chair by a pool in Kuta, Bali, vividly describing Ancient Roman life eherna This book was lent to me years ago by a friend at Uni because I was studying Ancient Rome. Similarly, the expedition finds the Inca empire in Peru despite the Inca not expanding until the fifteenth century. Do you work in the book industry?


What if it had been eternal?


Scene of the Crime mystery fans. But they will try again, still believing God chose them to inherit the Promised Landjust not on Rome-dominated Earth.

Roma Eterna can lend itself to historical analysis studies, exploring the “what if’s,” if any history professor who specializes in ancient western civilization is so inclined to incorporate it into a curriculum. Spanning from the late imperial period fifth century through etfrna mid-twentieth more like A. They never even encountered China! More By and About This Author.

Science fictionalternate history.

Review: Ilium and Roma Eterna | Books | The Guardian

What kind of books do you like to read? Robert Silverberg’s Roma Eterna is roja a series of short stories in a single alternate history than a novel, and it traces a parallel history where the Roman Empire never fell.

This is their only chance for freedom as yet. What if the Roman Empire never fell?

Please provide an email address. If you are located outside the U. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The rest of european history stayed mostly the same, but Christianity didn’t happen. Silverberg begins his new Roman history with a note on dates.

Robert Silverberg’s got some pretty good ideas and wrote the playbook. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

It is the conflicts and the characters that I remember, not the nifty changes in our history. Otherwise, a student of political science and world affairs may be able to draw plenty of examples on the benefits and drawbacks of centralized government or the futility of a nation’s attempting to maintain world-wide influence.

It started out well as I lay on a deck chair by a pool in Kuta, Bali, vividly describing Ancient Roman life and extolling the Gibbonesque premise that without Christianity the Roman Empire would have continued into the present day — but the imagined ramifications of this alternate universe were poorly thought through: In fact, that was the second flaw I noted with this collection—very little focus on the common man of the Empire.

Perhaps there was no better way to refer to Asians and Native Americans in any other form from the perspective of Silverberg’s Romans than to call them “yellow-skinned” or “red-skinned” folk, respectively. No, create an account now.


The 10 Best Emily Dickinson Poems. Publicist or Marketing Professional. Despite its dense prose and self-satisfied narrative, there was a lot to like about this. The author created new stories to pull it all together and presents the reader with a fascinating journey from what would have been the end of the Roman Empire to over t Science Fiction and fantasy Grand Master Robert Silverberg collected his stories about an alternate history Rome and published them all together in this well written and entertaining novel in He starts by having a Roman historian in A.

He took a cheap shot and got preachy, essentially jump-starting Christianity from a different inception in order to save the increasingly immoral Roman Republic. The largest flaw was right at the beginning of the book. Return to Book Page. It is not Silverberg’s best work of fiction His finest works silververg early novels such as “Shadrach in silverbfrg Furnace” and his critically acclaimed series, “The Majipoor Chronicles” which began with “Lord Valentine’s Castle”.

If the Prophet had not lived…

Some fascinating portions o Highly entertaining and definitely a page turner. In Roma Eterna the Jews never get out of Egypt the first time, but at the end of the book gather secretly to fashion the first spaceship.

The knock-on effects meant that the Western Roman Empire didn’t collapse. The final tale, “To the Promised Land”, about Hebrews building spaceships to escape Earth and an inevitable collapse of the Second Republic is among the least effective in this collection. The writers are historians, and we read what they have written about their experiences. Lost Cities and Vanished Civilizations. I certainly had a hard time putting it down – I read it over the course of a few days. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I will be looking forward to reading more of his stories.