30 Mar Instant Health and Happiness by Practicing Psycho Neurobics – We all are aware that as a human being we are capable of performing amazing. 8 Sep Anyone can do the exercises of Psycho Neurobics. To keep your body healthy and mind happy, you should do some neuro muscular and. “With the grace of Supreme Doctor and regular practice of Psycho Neurobics helped my heart to create a natural by-pass and the direction of my life changed.

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In evening it can be done 4 hours after meal. Minimum duration of doing this exercise is 15 ;sycho in empty stomach two times in a day. The complete absence of this energy means death. Make life holistically healthy, mentally strong with high spiritual quotientdynamic personality.

Please fill this form to request a call-back. Sign In to earn Badges. Work is one of the forms of energy, often called mechanical energy. As electrical current is called electrical energy so spiritual current is also called spiritual energy. What is the difference between a living body and a dead body? By virtue of this mechanism of interaction, the soul is able to draw and collect requisite spiritual energy from the Supreme Source of Spiritual Energy for the total physical, mental and emotional growth of being.

In this exercise, we utter only the combined vowel sound of two vowel syllables of the Brahmanad. Yogic exercises like Kapal Bhati etc cannot be practiced by hospitalised patients because of serious sicknesses. This is one of basic and most important exercises to cure any type of diseases.


Psychoneurobics Workshop Workshop with Dr. Freezing air before it enters homes could stop 99 per cent of pollution scientist find. Add to Spiritual Diary.

Healing and Cure by Supreme Doctor Part – I

Full Day workshop with renowned Dr. Very Less fee than nursery.

We get it from Universe or Supreme God or some other creator of divine energy. These vibrations root out the poisonous elements Also called neuro toxins out of the body and make five elements of our body pure and healthy. A truly well presented workshop that is a must attend neurogics all ages. Psychp human body uses the food we eat to provide sufficient energy in order to perform all types of work.

M. Sc. In Psycho-neurobics (UGC recognised course)

Share this program with friends. Neugobics of high skills grantee of attaining the degree in first division. Learn sitting at home. To feel the optimum result, this particular exercise should be done regularly for a minimum period of 40 days.

Where do we get energy for our body? The energy, which runs all these machines, is present in the soul of our body. It is surprising to think that thousands of years ago there were no slimming centres, no diet courses and no machinery but still people had lean healthy and vital bodies. Active energy restores the normal balance which begins to burn extra fat and increases our metabolic rate, leading to weight management for a blissful and healthier living.


Brain is the central nervous system. Immersion in the teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment. The effect of vowel sound vibrations is so powerful psychi almost every religion has been using this sound. Spinal cord always carries the current which is transmitted through brain like a transformer. In Psycho-neurobics UGC recognised course. I stand before the mirror.

Soul receives spiritual energy from Supreme Source and sends it to Mind for further distribution. Our Eternal Journey of Becoming.

Pdycho energy consists of thoughts and emotions. As a science of healing, it has benefited many by curing their diseases and develop better physical and mental capabilities.

The way we think has an astounding effect in our brain.

Dealing with Stress In Modern Life. Technology of Mega Mind Power. Anyone can do the exercises of Psycho Neurobics. Click to see Demo for practicing Enlightening Sound Neurobics. Looking forward for the next session. It is only the presence and absence of that spiritual energy.

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A simple food guide for psychk loss. This is the basic difference between physical and spiritual energy. Psychoneurobics is a field of study in which undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, doctoral courses are being offered by national and international universities. These are very simple and patients also can do it.