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Acquiring the Report Data The sample reports that ship with Pentaho Reporting use the “steel-wheels” dataset. Grouping is a great way to divide long lists of data along meaningful separators.

You can then print the function’s result or you can use the calculated function result in other calculations. So let’s help them by putting page-numbers into the bottom area of the page. This dataset is a simplified sample dataset describing a model toy company. Most data sources use named queries, which allow you to assign a symbolic name for each query.

reprot We can get all the data for this report from a single database table. Click the version you want, then click Update to begin downloading.

Databases are highly optimized products that can employ advanced techniques like indexes and smart sort algorithms to produce sorted results as fast pentahi possible. The connection is shared between all queries.

In this tutorial, tutoriaal create a new report from scratch without using the Report Design Wizard. Once you selected that function and click on the OK button, the function will be added to the report. In the dialog that opens up, select the Page-of-Pages function from the “Common Functions” group. For now, let us concentrate on the simple method and lets add a count of items to the group footer.


You can drag one of the handles to increase or decrease the size of the element.

Creating Your First Report – Pentaho Reporting – Pentaho Wiki

This icon is at the same spot as the preview icon. The label in the group header changes into a editor. Group header are printed from the outer most group to the inner most group. Alternatively you can edit the “y” position in tutorisl style table.

When the catalogue is larger, your readers will have a pentxho time navigating through the many pages. Features rotating wheels, working streering, opening doors and trunk. In this case, hover over desiigner label and a tool tip displays the text. With summary functions you can count items, calculate sums, averages and minimum or maximum values.

You can also alter the text and background colour of elements. Precision-engineered from original Jaguar specification in perfect scale ratio. Add a static label to your report by dragging the Label icon from the palette on the left side of the Report Designer into the group header. In the dialog that opens up, enter the group name “Product Line Group”.

There can also be multiple group header and group footer bands. The conceptual requirements prescribed that the data must be sorted by the Product Line and the Product Name.

Pentaho Tutorial

To make sure that all your report elements print correctly, you must give them enough space. Drag a label and a number field into the group-footer. The Tutoriak page also provides access to sample reports and recently opened reports. When you add your first data source with a query to a report, the report designer automatically selects the first query in that data-source as the main query.


On the right side of the workspace, the Structure panel allows you to see a hierarchical representation of the report. Dewigner you enable the version checker, you receive periodic update notices as shown below.

Pentaho Tutorial

The data for the report can be obtained with a SQL query. The catalogue is aimed at wholesalers who need a quick overview over the designfr lines and the available products within each line, along with a description, the prices and the availability of the product.

So the reporting engine prints as many detail bands as there are rows in the data-source’s repott table. It is always a good idea to make the start of a new group more obvious. This definition provides the reporting engine with the location of each field on the report. Select the label and the field in the header and increase the font size to 16 and make them bold by clicking on the bold button in the tool-bar. Features include opening and pentsho doors.