11 டிசம்பர் The life history of the legendary Pattinathaar who was born as a wealthy Tamil saint Pattinathar warns us about the impermanence of life. Interesting Life Story of Bhartruhari and Bhadragiriyar! (Post No) In some places, he imitates Tamil poets Tirumular and Pattinathar. It is a philosophic. 13 Jun Pattinathar / பட்டினத்தார் Life story of Pattinathar as described Variyar’s discourse in Tamil “Pattinathar”, Kannadasan’s Arthamulla.

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Kaa te kaantaa ln putrah Samsaaroyam ateeva vichitrah Kasya tvam kah kuta aayaatah Tattvam chintaya tadiha bhraatah 8. Interesting Life Story of Bhartruhari and Bhadragiriyar! In the history of Tamil religious literature he has secured a niche which is proof against the tooth of time and razure oblivion.

kadilla oosi: Pattinathar / பட்டினத்தார் – Part 1

A sewing needle for hand-sewing is a long slender tool with a pointed tip at one end and a hole or eye at the other. When the Chola Kings are crowned, it is customary for lifee wealthiest in the nation to hand the crown for coronation. Variyar explains it like Head post office and branch office – if you drop a mail in branch office it reaches the head office and then to destination. Notify me of new comments via email.

They wanted to present something to Vinayaka also spelt as Vinayak.

Pattinathar – Wikipedia

That changed his life. If we consider the Vedic age they command more praise and respect than any other period Please see my earlier posts on Manu and others on women. If you yearn for me I will kick you on your hips And if I think of you, you kick me. He lived in fifth century CE The latest one lived around tenth century who was the contemporary of famous Tamil devotional poet Pattinathar.


Pattinathar story was another example to emphasize this. Some aspects of them seems similar and others totally different.

He set out to travel overseas with friends. Think about this, for just one thought Kubera got a life on earth. At sixteen years, he was married to Sivakalai, daughter of another trader by the name of Sivasithamparam Chettiyar and his wife Sivakaamy. There is a common saying in Tamilnadu, that only when one suffers, they realize pattinathar Patta piragu than pattinathar puriyum.

He made no secrecy of all his pen chance. Pattinathar stayed in a Mandapam also spelt as Mandapa or Mandap in Tiruvengadu and spent his days in meditation. In Buddhism, Indra has been a popular deity, referred by many names and he is featured in Buddhism somewhat differently than Hinduism, such as being shown as less war oriented and one paying homage to the Buddha.

The Saivaite devotees found the baby and took him to Pattinatthar.

The same happened to the joy of both the devotees and they thanked the Lord marudhavANar. Bhadragiri was praised by a later poet Ramalinga Swamikal. By using this site, you agree to lifee Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I have given enough proofs from Tamil literature to support my argument. One thing for sure that God is the truth.

This is called Sagakalvi. Vivek Elangovan January 16, at 7: Agasthiyar Agastya is a revered sage. In this process he became poor, but as a determined devotee did not slip in his service. The divine child grew up and followed in his father’s footsteps.


If the world is made of particles, i know what each histogy is made of. This page was last edited on 24 Juneat He attained wisdom sooner than the Buddha. At that time a king by name Bhadragiri was ruling that part of the country.

Chenille, These are similar to tapestry needles but with large, long lkfe, darning, Sometimes called finishing needles, these are designed with a blunt tip and large eye making pattinathhar similar to tapestry needles but longer, yarn darners are the heaviest sub-variety.

He adopted the child and gave the couple, gold and more wealth. He was married but had no issue. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Kalpavriksha in Mangaliyawas near AjmerRajasthan in India.

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He has sung of his religion and philosophy with freedom, vigor and breadth of outlook. Lord Kuberan is a good friend of Lord Shiva.

Pattinathar Thiruvengadar realized the philosophy and wisdom of the words, and renounced everything – his wife, his wealth, his kith and kin and all other mundane attachments. And, even this useless needle will never accompany you in your final destiny after death.