Does MobileIron support delegation of administrative roles and functions? Yes. MobileIron Core . Can you prevent or force application installation or removal?. For more information about configuring MobileIron for iOS, see your MobileIron administration guide. IBM Connections supports MobileIron VSP version and . IBM Connections supports MobileIron VSP version and higher. For more information about configuring MobileIron, see your MobileIron administration guide.

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This can be done through: Cache locally generated keys —leaves the certificate in the VSP certificate store for reuse. If the password for the service account changes, a new keytab file must be created and uploaded to the VSP before the current service token expires. With that role comes the responsibility to mitigate possible security risks and vulnerabilities across our entire administratjon.

When a user account is disabled in Active Directory, the corresponding device s should also be retired.

If the application has been added to a new software configuration; the software configuration must be applied to a user or groups for the MindLink Mobile Client to deploy on the devices. The corresponding values for the key value pair should be set to Boolean.

Many organizations are moving toward ease of administration, better security, and better overall end-user experience.

When you have clicked ‘Edit’ you will be brought to the above screen. See the example below.

  DIN EN 1176-2 PDF

IBM Knowledge Center

Enable the Kerberos protocol on the Exchange server so that Sentry can use Kerberos to authenticate with Exchange. Attempting to connect to a hidden network without this selected will fail to automatically connect every time. To assign the app to the devices you will want to navigate towards the ‘Apps and Books’ section of the AW console.

If a Kerberos-generated keytab file is used: Browse to the file location, select the MindLinkWorkspace. Sentry reboots after receiving the configuration information from the VSP. MobileIron’s Mobile Activity Intelligence solution gives visibility into real-time uses of smartphones to cut costs related to voice, sms and data consumption, warning users of uncontrolled overruns especially when using 3G roaming.

Offer valid until 31 February Important Information: A warning also appears on the KDC: When using BES10 please navigate to. Once you have clicked ‘Add’ you will want to choose the platform which in this case is ‘Android’. The following is done by selecting from a drop down. Summary MobileIron recognizes that we play an important role in establishing a secure environment for managing enterprise-enabled mobile devices.

If this is the case the MindLink Mobile client will be deployed once the configuration has been updated.

A device sends a request for Exchange access along with the cert, received in step 2, to Sentry. Here is a list of problems and the solutions I have experienced while working with MobileIron.

A license is required to do this. It would appear that MobileIron selected the WiFi policy to be this policy. Preparing document for printing…. Highlight all Match case.


1 iOS Client

The administrator can ‘enable logging’ within MobileIron MI which will allow them to configure the logging mibileiron. The following rule set will check the status of the associated Active Directory account for the devices currently managed by MobileIron and retire any devices that are associated with Active Directory accounts that administrtion disabled.

If you’re not available on these dates, please contact us to arrange a presentation at your convenience. An existing configuration for the Wireless network already exists on the device. You will want to start by clicking administratiom. To specify another location to save, simply include the full path in front of the filename. Hardware physical or virtual is not included and must be provided by the customer. Once you have chosen to create a profile you will have a selection of platforms to choose from – for this guide we will be using Apple iOS.

For the purpose of this guide you will want to select the configuration that you would’ve already created beforehand.