Lee “Extras” por Scott Westerfeld con Rakuten Kobo. The final installment of Scott Westerfeld’s New York Times bestselling and Acerca de este libro. Em Extras, Scott Westerfeld revisita o mesmo universo distópico, onde todos . A profecia das sombras (As provações de Apolo Livro 2) (Portuguese Edition). Extras [WESTERFELD SCOTT] on sido galardonado con el premio de la Asociacion Americana de Libreros al mejor libro juvenil del y con.

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A biochemical weapon went out of control and invested the world’s oil supply, destroying life in the process. E mi sono ricreduta su Shay.

There, to her dismay, she finds out what being “Pretty” really is about. I soppose that you have already read all the other Uglies books. Every one is apparently born ugly. Trying scltt take it away will only have disastrous results because human nature needs to be free.

En esta serie Ver todos.

The Uglies Trilogy

Extras Uglies, 4 by Scott Westerfeld Can anyone tell me if it is worth it? I went on to read the entire Uglies series and then ended up reading darn near every book Westerfeld ever wrote. He was a pretty during the Prettytime but was cured thanks to the mind-rain, the time when all the pretties were cured of the lesions on their brain. Yes, hoverboards are cool and dangerous, get over it.

Tally was so excited to finally turn 16 and become p The Uglies written by Scott Westerfeld isn’t just a book that has a boring beginning middle and end. Praticamente con un pugno sfondi un muro.


It’s not adding value to my library, even at two dollars it was a frustrating waste of what could have been an awesome strong female character. Extras By Scott Westerfeld.

Westfrfeld followed Tally and her friends throughout the series, I hated jumping to a totally new group of people, a completely new country even. On the other hand, Shay is a little firecracker. Ben pensato e ben espresso. Tally just wants to grow up, have her operation and be a bubble-headed pretty like all the rest.

The Uglies Trilogy Uglies 2 11 Aug 01, I picked up the audio book for my long drive to and from work each day 2 hours daily. View all 3 comments. It should have stayed a trilogy, although I did end up enjoying the book more when Tally and the other Specials came back with their attitudes and sarcasm. Because, once again, in the third book, the world turns on its head, and a whole new level is added. Or stay ugly forever? Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes.

This clique did crazy things, but were forced to keep their face ranks down, otherwise the wardens would catch and stop them. But the last book, Specials, was terrible. This section needs expansion.

Extras Portuguese book cover. | Uglies by Scott Westerfeld | Pinterest | Scott westerfeld and Books

We all have our natural beauty and you are beautiful no matter what they say to you. No one wants to turn away from the system, but because she was blackmailed into not receiving it, she must out other uglies who have run away.

Zane — I absolutely loved Zane and my full support was behind him all the way! He introduces a new way of life and various technologies seamlessly. But some don’t find being pretty as satisfying as others. I strongly recommend this westerefld for girls seeking a thought provoking book that will make your mind full with thoughts.


Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. Aya joins them and tries to betray them to the public, but realizes that she must do so anyway to save the world.

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Eden Maru later explains to her the concept of film extras from the Rusties’ era, which is the true origin of this term. Pretty is the tool used to keep people complacent and out of the way of the politically elite. This book is hard to describe so I recommend reading it for yourself. Sign up and get a free eBook! It’s matter of fact that everyone becomes pretty at the age of This series is one of my new favorites. The Uglies Trilogy contains three stories about the same character, Tally, as she finds her place in a post-apocalyptic earth.

This book was actually recommended to me by a friend on this very site. As for theme it shows how life goes on between two different societies, ours and theirs.

I loved this series. Lists with This Book. I hear there is a 4th book?