Better – Kindle edition by Jaime Samms. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Standalone book in the M/M genre. Available from Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iBooks, Indie Bound. After filing. Posted on August 13, August 13, I don’t know where my original version of this book ended up. I’ve moved a few times since I first read it myself, the.

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While it was evident by the words on the page that they loved each other, I had a little bit of a harder time believing it. Jan 17, Ayanna marked it as to-read-pruned.

Review: Better by Jaime Samms | CSI: Librarian

One has been ‘broken’ by abuse and the other is supporting a brother who was similarly damaged and has resultant mental problems. Jan 28, Lauraadriana rated it really liked it Recommended to Lauraadriana by: I especially love that their being people in need of love and happiness was far more central to Better ‘s plot than their sexual orientation. Very touching, emotional and well told love story dealing with the damages of sexual abuse Jesse is 21, a third year college student, who is still living with the trauma of having been brutalized by his partner two years earlier.

In some ways the topics brtter book broaches are difficult to read and highly sensitive matters, but they are well handled and didn’t feel triggering. Get to Know Us. Dancing on the Edge. I gave it a bettef and not 4 because overall, th I am not sure why there were a lot 2 star reviews for this book. One of the best stories i’ve read recently.

I really enjoyed both characters, Jesse and Aadon. Even though I wasn’t sure if it was gonna have a happy ending, and it waited until the 11th hour to get there, but in the end you know Jesse is not cured but he has Aadon and together they make it work.



While Aadon is dealing with his older brother, Ricky, who is in rehab for drug abuse, which ruins his body and mind. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Until they can come to terms with these feelings, the ghosts of the past will continue to haunt them, preventing them from living a fulfilling life. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: His brother, Ricky, experienced some trauma of his own in his youth, and after turning to drugs to cope, is in a facility–and Aadon is the only member of his family who is willing to support and stand by him.

Better by Jaime Samms

Breaking Book two in Fall and Break. The only real weakness was toward the end where Jesse evolved a little too quickly in order to slip in a sexy sex scene. Overall, good book about overcoming abuse and realizing you can’t always be a fixer. Jesse and Aadon broke my heart a few times that’s for sure, but they figured it out. Each is very hurt by their past and littered with tons of issues.

I found this an interesting read with good characters and a nice understanding of the implications of bdtter, but not an emotionally enthralling one. Thanks, Jaime, for an emotional, but enlightening read! The premise is quite dark and brutal sam,s the underlying theme is about love. This was one of those books that I started and couldn’t stop reading until it was done. It’s difficult for him to sit back and watch them struggle, but he realizes that they are the only ones who can help themselves; but he also knows that he will be there to love and support them when they ask.


Knowing that I helped to bettr it so that he can’t do it to anyone else, makes me feel less like a victim, and more like I matter.

This book is an emotional journey into the lives of two young college men. As much as I bettre it, it was difficult to read as well.

Admittedly, I love a broken character, and this story played that point well. I liked how the author showed Jesse and Aadon initial attraction, but didn’t push that aspect of their relationship early on. Jesse is a survivor of domestic and sexual abuse.

Review – Better by Jaime Samms

My only criticism is regarding the dominant jime of Aadon which I did not find convincing. Until they can come to terms with these feelings, the ghosts of the past will continue to haunt them, preventing them from living a fulfilling life. I always prefer stories that are complicated anyway, when not everything is happy dory.

No Place Left to Run. He voices some thoughts on control and trust and opinions beter how a Dom should act. The past can be a painful place to visit; people don’t want to recall memories which can’t be changed.

These are serious obstacles that require time and patience to overcome. I enjoyed the subtle nuances of domination and submission sammss Aadon and Jesse’s relationship and I wish that aspect would have been taken even further.