Isagoge: history of logic: Transmission of Greek logic to the Latin West: and of Porphyry of Tyre’s Isagoge (“Introduction,” on Aristotle’s Categories), although. The Isagoge or “Introduction” to Aristotle’s Categories (text) was a the standard textbook on logic for more than a thousand years after his death. The Isagoge or Introduction by Porphyry is a commentary on Aristotle’s Categories, which became a key logical text of the Middle Ages, being.

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Yet more, genus is predicated in reference to what a thing is, but difference in reference to what kind of a thing it is, as was observed before; besides there is one genus according to every species; porphyty.


Torn and damaged by damp. Belongs to the better family of mss. In reality we do not know anything with certainty about where he lived in the latter half of his life. Also, the most specific has one condition, as to the things prior to it, of which it is the species, yet it has not a different one, as to things posterior to it, but is called the species of individuals, so termed as comprehending them, and again, the species of things prior to it, as comprehended by them, wherefore the most generic genus is thus defined to be that which being genus is not species, and again, above which there cannot be another higher genus; but the most specific species, that, which being species is not genus, and which being species we can no longer divide into species; moreover, which is predicated of many things differing in number, in reply to what a thing is.

Difference may be predicated commonly, properly, and most properly: Isagoge begins on f. Contains also the Greek text. It is also common to them to be equally present, for species are equally present to their participants, and properties to the things of which they are properties, but species differs from property, in that species indeed may be the genus of other things, but property cannot possibly be the property of other things.

There are some sixty works attributed to him, but most of them are now lost or survive in mere fragments. Share your thoughts with other customers. Besides, difference is often seen in many species, as quadruped in many animals, different in species, but species is in the individuals alone, which are tinder the species.


Ships issgoge and sold by Herb Tandree Philosophy Bks.

Mutilated at the start. Nevertheless, they differ, in that property is present to one species alone, as the being risible to man, but inseparable accident, as black, is present not only to an Ethiopian, but also to a crow, to a coal, to ebony, and to certain other things.

Platonists on Aristotle from Antiochus to PorphyryOxford: Wherefore, as four differences of genus with respect to the rest, are assumed, but three of difference, two of species, and one of property with regard to accident, there will be ten differences altogetherof which, four we have already demonstrated, viz. They however who more nicely discuss what pertains to difference, say that it is not any casual thing dividing those under the same genus, but such as contributes to the essence, and to the definition of the essence of a thing, and which is part of the thing.

Besides, accidents primarily subsist about individuals, but genera and species are by nature prior to individual substances. Thus, the soul itself has an intellectual activity that has the second powers or lower soul as its external act.

Property they divide in four ways: It follows from this that the task set for human beings is to free themselves from the sensible and live by the intelligible, which after all is their true or real nature. We have shown then, wherein genus differs from the other four, but each of the other four happens also to differ from the rest, so that as there are five, and each one of the four differs from the rest, the five being four times takenall the differences would appear to be twenty.

So his vegetarianism is also a matter of justice. The work was very popular in the middle ages, and the Arbor Porphyrianae of Aquinas was derived from it.

Corrections in the scribe’s hand and in a second hand in the margins and above the line. In Rome he stayed for some five years and converted to Plotinus’ version of Platonism. As an example of the latter, he mentions questions about the ontological status of genera and species—whether they exist or depend on thought; isagote if they exist, whether they are bodies or incorporeal; and if the latter, whether they are sensible items or exist separately from such.


Pages with related products. We do not know how Porphyry dealt with others of these, besides Aristotle’s Categorieswhich appears to modern readers in many respects to be an anti-Platonic work. Barnes gives a pleasant to read translation of the Isagoge, which is only 17 pages, and the rest of the volume is a large commentary.

On Aristotle’s CategoriesLondon: The exhortation is addressed to those who have set themselves such a goal. The extremes on the other hand, have one condition, for the most generic has indeed a condition as to the things under isavoge, since it isagogge the highest genus of all, but has no longer one as to those before it, being supreme, and the first principle, and, as we have said, that above which there cannot be another higher genus.

Isagoge – Wikipedia

Now it is common to them all to be predicated, as we have said, of many things, but genus is predicated of the species and individuals under it, and difference in like manner; but species, of the individuals under it; and property, both of the species, of which it is the property, and of the individuals under that species; again, accident is predicated both of species, and individuals.

Views Read Edit View history. Vide also Oorphyry, Appendix A, where the authorities upon each side will be found quoted. Below them on the scale are forms in matter, bodies, and matter itself.

Intellect is the sphere of real being, identified with the Platonic Forms, which are the thoughts of a universal intellect. Genus also is similar to matter, but porphydy to form: Porphyry is on record for his defence of vegetarianism in his On Abstinence.

Other writers such as William of Ockham incorporated them into their textbooks on logic.

He also was the first Platonist to comment on the Chaldean Oraclesa pagan religious text in verse compiled in the 2 nd century AD that the later Neoplatonists took for a divine revelation.