The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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You can build the configuration data of end-to-end MSTP IP network management by searching for the data at the NE layer of the U, or directly configure the data at the network layer of the U, and apply the data to all the relevant NEs. NE includes the hardware unit and the software running on it. All NE both from Huawei and other vendors that is based on the SNMP protocol and meets the conditions is displayed automatically in the topology view.

Private line Both communication parties are connected permanently.

iManager N2000 BMS

The network administrator can set query conditions and query user operation logs by user name, operation terminal, operation result, risk level, time range, operation name, security event, operation object, or a random combination of the preceding items. System Logs System logs record operations performed on the U, including the service start and stop, and log exporting and deletion.

You can configure the service mirroring as follows: Alarm Dumping and Acknowledging Alarm acknowledgment helps to identify whether an alarm is processed. Clock Configuration By using the U, a user can perform the following operations: The specific OAM management functions are as follows: A sub-network planning can better the organisation of a network view.

In this way, the HONET UA effectively reduces ikanager risk of decisions due to the rapid development of telecommunication technologies. From SDH equipment perspective, creation of virtual fibres disassociates its fibre connection n22000 WDM equipment and prevents impact on the auto fibre search function, ensuring independence imanger SDH trail management.

Convention Description Boldface Buttons, menus, parameters, tabs, window, and dialog titles are in boldface. Service Mirroring Configuration In the case of the service mirroring, all packets that enter a certain port are duplicated and then duplicated packets are transmitted through an observation port. Multicast Service Management By using the U, you can perform basic configurations and manage programs, profiles, and users. B Band Width In the data communication area, bandwidth specifies the maximum value of the rate when the data passes through some data channel.


In this manner, the control packets can be transmitted and received through the channel and link fault detection can be performed. This networking mode is flexible and cost-effective. Path A trail in a path layer. By diagnosing services layer by layer according to network protocol layers, theU can quickly locate the faulty network layer.

This document provides guides for getting the features and functions of the U Hence, you can measure and analyze the line data, and monitor the working status of lines. It provides a graphical user interface GUI to facilitate network performance management.


Specifically, the imanagerr guides you to configure the parameters required for the automatic discovery, such as NE type, SNMP parameters, and the IP address range.

The threshold contains the upper and lower one, related with the unit and index.

It changed within the monitor period. The QoS cannot increase the bandwidth, but it can minimize the delay and jitter in the network by reasonably allocating and monitoring network resources. Housekeeping Configuration By using the U, a user can perform the following operations: In this manner, the terminals are managed in a centralized manner, which saves the maintenance vms.

No loopback, Outloop, Inloop.

Product Information and Downloads – Nokia Support Portal

Table Monitoring template type Template Description Data Monitoring Template A data monitoring template is a collection of indicators, which can be applied on the resources for collecting the performance data. Alarm Jumping The U supports the alarm locating function. On a large-scale network, users do not need to check and configure services on devices one by one.

In the U, the protection subnet is a generalized concept that includes not only the network structure with the comprehensive self-protection function, such as an MSP ring and a path protection PP ring, but also the network structure without the self-protection function, such as an unprotected ring and an unprotected chain. Filter The filter is used to filter the matched logs and have the unmatched one left.


Created according to user test requests, a test case is the entity of a test tool based on the application layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, and MPLS services. If the active site fails, the U can be switched to the standby site so that the U application is not interrupted.

Within the pre-defined period, if the time of an acknowledged alarm exceeds the threshold, the system changes the alarm severity. If a system does not receive any detection packet from the opposite end in a specific time, the system regards that a failure occurs in some part of the bidirectional channel to the adjacent system. The report subsystem not only supports the manual and periodical generation of reports, but also is perfect in distributing reports.

iManager U2000

Table lists the reliability indicators of the U Ethernet static routing in ET1 refers to the mapping relationship between the Ethernet port and the bound path. Submarine Cable Line Monitoring You can monitor and test the status of fibers and repeaters, analyze the test data, to monitor the working status of a submarine line system and locate imanafer.

Device Imanagrr Identify the software versions of devices and adapt to different types of devices automatically. Alarm A visible or an audible indication to notify the person concerned that a failure or an emergency has occurred.

Fault A fault is the inability of a function to perform a required action. A-1 B Acronyms and Abbreviations Software library management The system supports the ability to manage NE software.

Support The frame on the bottom of a cabinet, when installing the cabinet on the antistatic floor. The threshold can be divided into crossing threshold and defect threshold.