Among the masters and scholars in the field of dream interpretation, Eastern people easily recognize the name of Imam Muhammad Ibn Seer’in (God bless his . The Interpretation of DREAMS – Kindle edition by Ibn Sirin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Interpretation of dreams in Islam is a mean to analyse past and future situations, and is one of Muhammad Ibn Sirin was born in and died at the age of

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What is the meaning of seeing one’s own death in the dreams?

Than I become awake up. By Syed Shah Mohd.

When the Imaam heard this he exclaimed: Holy Book Dream Explanation — The Holy Book in a dream also represents gardens, heavens, places of worship, or a person one is commanded to obey, such as a ruler, or a father, a mother, one’s teacher, or sheikh, or it could mean making a true oath, receiving glad tidings, admonition or a warning.

I saw in a dream a derams of silken cloth in my hand, and in whatever direction in Paradise I waved it, it flew, carrying me there. It was an interrpetation family house. I saw my father weak and tired and having blood stains on his clothes.

We have no information as to when it will be restocked. By deeqsi on When he asked her to relate it she said: I am in interprefation ship sailing in ocean calmly. They will all be destroyed.


Lectures By Khalid Yasin. When he awoke in the morning, he sent his man to Ibn Sirin RA for the interpretation of the dream. When the Imaam heard this he exclaimed: What do you think it means? A book or a letter in a dream also signifies fame or public knowledge. By Annoymous on From the dreams of the Prophet Joseph and Nebuchanezzer down through the ages to our own time there has been no community which has sitin regarded dreams as messages to be decoded so that their meaning can be understood and benefited from in the spiritual as well as the temporal domains.

By Lubna on In the dream i saw myself and my father watching jbn sheep being thrown in water and then collected back by some neighbourhood boys If one sees a ruler or a governor handwriting a copy of the Holy Book in a dream, it means that he is dreasm just person who uses the divine laws in making his decision.

Meaning of dreams in Islam – Firdaous

By laili on I said, “O Allah! By Customer Services on Stealing a copy of the Holy Book and hiding it in a dream means that one cheats in performing interpretatiin own prayers, or fails to do them properly. I have seen my elder sister being murdered by someone infront of my eyes. If you see any good in me, show me a good dream. Comment Name Email Website.


Also see Encyclopedia; Letter; Write; Writer. Ibn Sirin interpretated dreams at the time of the prophet pbuh or just after.


They will all be destroyed. I did isthikara for marriage with person who proposed me, i saw goat or lamb on my bed but it made the bed dirty with his stole and then in same dream i saw same goat or lamb at the corner of bedroom and i knotted hin with something dgeams he cant move from there, Please reply me what this dreams means as you know marriage is most important decision of any girl so plz help me out.

Will conquer a country or overrun a bastion and be highly praised. I have bought 3 other books on dreams intepretations from this site, this being the 4th, trying to get some clues to the dreams i have been seeing. The dreamer is being stabbed or strongly contested and will be brought down or subdued.

By ruru on I saw therein many people hanging upside down with iron chains, and I recognized therein some men from the Quraish.