März Wann wurde der Brief geschrieben? Wer war Hugo von Hofmannsthal? Wer war Francis Bacon? Was beinhaltet der Brief? Wie wird die. by Aaron Steiner. “The Letter of Lord Chandos” is a fictional letter written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The work was published under the title “Ein Brief” (“A. Long recognized as one of the defining texts of literary Modernism, Hofmannsthal’s “Ein Brief” (“The Letter of Lord Chandos”) remains a very.

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For my unnamed blissful feeling is sooner brought about by a distant lonely shepherd’s fire than by the vision of a starry sky, sooner by the chirping of the last dying cricket when the autumn wind chases wintry clouds jofmannsthal the deserted fields than by the majestic booming of an organ.

It is in the form of a letter dated August from a writer named Lord Philip Chandos a fictional character to Francis Baconand describes Chandos’s crisis of language. They make a date for his self-revelation, and the Semele figure finds the poet consumed by cgandos power of his own words: But I was unable to find my way to them.

What was it that made me want to break into words which, I know, were I to find them, would force to their knees those cherubim in whom Hofmannsthql do not believe?

Chandos Brief

chajdos With these I meant to combine the brilliant maxims and reflections from classical and Italian works, and anything else of intellectual hofmannsthall that appealed to me in books, in manuscripts or conversations; the arrangement, moreover, of particularly beautiful festivals and pageants, strange crimes and cases of madness, descriptions of the greatest and most characteristic architectural monuments in the Netherlands, in France and Italy; and many other things. This is how he summarizes his intentions: The end result is Chandos as a broken man mourning his lost abilities.

But why seek again for words which I cyandos foresworn! Fischer,— For if you did, my example would have been poorly chosen. In another comparative reading, Chandos would be feminine and like the Semele character in his destructive demand for complete knowledge and self-revelation.


Edition Isele, I tried to rescue myself from this plight by seeking refuge in the spiritual world of the Ancients. The whole work was to have been entitled Nosce te ipsum. It was far more and far less than pity: What would literary knowledge look like here? There is admittedly something Chandos-like about these interpreta- tions that make texts into hieroglyphs that decode other hieroglyphic texts.

Another opinion on The Lord Chandos Letter is that it is evidence of an existential crisis. It, too, forms whirlpools, but of a sort that do not seem to lead, as the whirlpools of language, into the abyss, but into myself and into the deepest womb of peace. Then Chandos writes of his current mental state. My case, in short, is this: Hardly do I know whether I am still the same person to whom your precious letter is addressed.

The Letter of Lord Chandos

Chandos may have given up his brieef matic project, but it still serves as an initiation into a new form of life that he seems to enjoy writing about. Pantheon Books, For Hofmannsthal, this chaotic result is exactly what the Semele figure wants. The second conflict he sees in the work is a conflict regarding the functionality and usefulness of language.

There was a mother, surrounded by her young in their agony of death; but her gaze was cast neither toward the dying nor upon the merciless walls of stone, but into the void, or through the void into Infinity, accompanying this gaze with a gnashing of teeth!

These ideas, I understood them well: Is it the end of a correspondence, as it promises to be, or the beginning of another type of relation? No magic, no rhetoric will allow Chandos to achieve this task or to speak in the future language that he imagines.

Single words floated round me; they congealed into eyes which stared at brjef and into which I was forced to stare back-whirlpools which gave me vertigo hofmannsthak, reeling incessantly, led into the void. The dream of his project seems to have been partially realized, as everything has been opened up to him, but he no longer seems to be the master. And could I, if otherwise I am still the same person, have lost from my inner inscrutable self all traces and scars of this creation of my most intensive thinking-lost them so completely that in your letter now lying before me the title of my short treatise stares at me strange and cold?


But not on account of the answer he gave Domitius. This conclusion is notable because Chandos details the common languages which he can no longer use, but leaves open the possibility that he could write or employ a new and different language.

Chandos Brief | work by Hofmannsthal |

I also toyed with other schemes. Denn sieh, indem ich ausspreche: I would fain give you an answer such as you deserve, fain reveal myself to you entirely, but I do not know how to set about it. To a person susceptible to such ideas, it might appear a well-designed plan of divine Providence that my mind should fall from such a state of inflated arrogance into this extreme of despondency and feebleness which is now the permanent condition of my inner self.

Even my own heaviness, the general torpor of my brain, seems to acquire a meaning; I experience in and around me a blissful, never-ending interplay, and among the objects brieef against one another there is not one into which I cannot flow.

Letters message Austrian literature. But the effects of speech acts are not always mundane. His sketch closes, like a fable, with this apho- ristic statement: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This affair cahndos turned out well or ill for this or that person; Sheriff N. Train of thought in his answer: Words are no longer vehicles, but impediments.