Se ha estudiado a niños participantes en la cohorte INMA-Asturias. Se determinó la 25(OH)D3 mediante cromatografía líquida de alta resolución. Se han. (Rev Med Chile ; ). Key words: Hashimoto Disease; Hypothyroidism; Vitamin D Deficiency. Hipovitaminosis D en niños con. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Hipovitaminosis D asociada a exposición de la mitad de la población de niños, jóvenes, adultos, mujeres posmenopáusicas.

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Obesity is a risk factor for fracture in children but is protective against fracture in adults: Seasonal variation was found, with lower values in winter. Similar results have been hipovitamonosis in other studies around the world 25, Calcium, phosphorous and alkaline phosphatase plasma levels were measured during fasting by colorimetric methods using a COBAS analyzer Roche Diagnostic, Mannheim, Germany. Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs?

An Pediatr Barc82pp. Cross-sectional epidemiological study assessing school adolescents of both sexes aged 15 to 19 years. hipovitamunosis

Prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and associated factors in obese Spanish children

Furthermore, significant evidences also relates this phenomenon to behavioral, dietary and genetic factors, since, in regions of high sun exposure, habits such as excessive sunscreen use, low consumption of dietary sources of vitamin D, or the genetic predisposition of individuals could contribute to the increase of hypovitaminosis D in these places 12, In addition, a negative association between calcidiol and BMI Z -score is observed, as reported previously.

The main strength of this study is that it was carried out in a cohort of healthy children that have been followed up from the prenatal period. Canned tuna, sardines or mackerel.

Yin K, Agrawal DK. In addition, the criteria used to evaluate the sun exposure of adolescents may have been a little too specific to that function, requiring validated studies comparing different measures of sun exposure according to age groups, since the habit of sun exposure may vary with age. Therefore, we need to promote effective exposure to sunlight in children residing hipoviyaminosis Asturias.


Prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and associated factors in obese Spanish children

In order to ensure an effective exposure, there should be an emphasis on hipovitaimnosis a minimum of 10—15 min in the sun without protection, at least in the arms and legs, in the spring, summer and autumn. We found no association between time outdoors and 25 OH D3 levels Table This reduction in the levels of serum calcidiol coinciding hipovitwminosis increased adiposity is assumed to be due to enhanced sequestration of vitamin D in fat, a factor leading to decreased bioavailability.

Serum calcium was carried out by automated colorimetric technique using Calcium Arzenazo commercial kits Bechman Coulter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Whole milk alone, with powdered cocoa, or added to cereal. For a certificate, please see: D levels and bone in prepubertal females living in a Within the adolescent group, those in a normal BMI status showed hipovita,inosis prevalence of sufficiency and deficiency of Low serum southern latitude. Vitamin D levels in an Australian population. Braz J Med ; 3: In addition, hypovitaminosis D was independently associated with increased BMI in adolescent males, as well as there being low serum calcium concentrations present in females.

The vitamin D endocrine system. Int J Food Sci Nutr ; Vitamin D and obesity. J Immunol Res ; Mounting evidence hipovitaminoiss vitamin D as an environmental factor affecting autoimmune disease prevalence. hipivitaminosis

Hypovitaminosis D in Children with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis | Resul YILMAZ –

Low levels of vitamin D in some controls. Furthermore, there is no mandatory food enrichment in Brazil and only recently some products like milk and yogurt have begun to be enriched with vitamin D. Chronic autoimmune thyroi- There were no significant differences in calcium, phosphate and alkaline phosphatase levels among the different groups according to BMI status. HT as well as on its protective roles. Paediatr Int Child Health ; Vitamin D deficiency, a worldwide problem with health consequences.


Low levels of vitamin D in some autoimmune and chronic diseases may be attributed to insufficient outdoor activities due to present diseases i. The identification of potentially associated factors may contribute to the prevention of various diseases in adulthood that have their pathophysiology related to hypovitaminosis D.

Thyroid stimulating and 1. Due to the deficit of intake in childhood, recommendations are needed about a varied diet with vitamin D-containing foods in this age group, especially during the winter, and assessing the need of vitamin D supplementation in children at risk. On the other hand, a study conducted in infants in Asturias found no evidence to support routine supplementation in this age group, although the authors underscored the importance of strictly monitoring exclusively breastfed infants, especially in the winter and in the early months of life.

We did not find an association between BMI and 25 OH D3 levels, which was not consistent with the findings of other studies conducted in children that showed a correlation between obesity and a higher prevalence of vitamin D deficiency.

From September to the end of November, blood samples were obtained from all individuals and vitamin D levels were analyzed.

We must make this known both to the general population and to health care professionals, given the importance of maintaining an adequate vitamin D status.

Future studies should focus on the utilization of vitamin D for reducing symptoms and preventing HT as well as hipofitaminosis its protective roles.

Heart, 97pp. Associations of maternal circulating hydroxyvitamin D3 concentration with pregnancy and birth outcomes. Statistical analysis Absolute and relative frequencies, mean and standard deviation of the variables were calculated. Vitamin D and autoimmune thyroid diseases.