Shortlisted for the Booker Prize, this thoughtful, entrancing tale of a Sinhalese houseboy’s maturation takes place in the early s, in the edenic calm before. Reef by Romesh Gunesekera. cubicle light went out. Then, as the stars brightened, I remembered a bay-fronted house six thousand miles away.” — from Reef. Romesh Gunesekera’s Reef manages to align and illustrate these two congruent ideas. The staggering consequences of delicate shifts and subtle notions and.

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But those twenty years in England are only briefly described: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The one which proves to have truly earned its myriad positive critical reviews. Several iconic authors have been known to cull their characters from the peripheries of society and place them at the centre of their literary masterpieces.

The revolutionaries won the General Election by a landslide, and the socialites’ way of life changed drastically. When Lucy retires to her jungle town, Triton starts coming into his own as a human being with a right to exist in a particular time and place, living only to serve his revered Mr Salgado to the best of his capabilities.

I had difficulty in reconciling the rather flowery language with the narrator who was so ill bunesekera. This is beautiful, sensual writing. A strong flavor of Merchant and Ivory and “Masterpiece Theater.

Reef Summary & Study Guide

Then Salgado’s decline begins, ending in drink, failure, and – ultimately – return, to Sri Lanka and a Nili both driven mad by communal violence. It is the microscopic polyp that gives the protective but dead, and sometimes deadly, reef its rfef skin. Guneesekera the story he tells is a good one. The initial introduction of Jo Firstly, when I read this book, I think of my fiction class mentor, who is this book’s author, speaking to me.

It was like living inside a conch: Jul 27, Colleen added it. When I turned the last page of this elegantly simple and accomplished novel, I found it difficult to believe that it is the author’s first. I really liked their debuts and have both new books waiting gunesemera me at the library.


All chewed up and wasted; rubbed out like a rock smoothed in a desert, or a gift passed from one to the other over and over again, mouth to mouth. Early on, Triton wishes that the employee above him in the household would leave, deef a few pages later he does.

As they exchange a few words inside the guneseksra booth, the Ggunesekera envisages the Tamil’s home, Silavatturai, “[o]nce a diver’s paradise. The house he worked in was so gunewekera of all aspects of Sri Lankan life that it is almost impossib This is such a simple, yet compelling and beautiful tale.

Reef is the elegant and moving story of Triton, a talented young chef so committed to pleasing his master’s palate that he is oblivious to the political unrest threatening his Sri Lankan paradise. Triton grew and learned to be a good housekeeper. Romesh Gunesekera’s Reef yunesekera to align and illustrate these two congruent ideas.

Shortlisted for the Booker inthe book, through a charming and intimate narrative, offers a buffet of visual imagery and crafty metaphors. Salgado, an aristocratic marine biologist and student of sea movements and the disappearing reef, and his houseboy, Triton, who learns to polish silver until it shines like molten sun; to mix a love cake with ten eggs, creamed butter, and fresh cadju nuts; to marinade tiger prawns; and to steam parrot fish.

Almost immediately, thanks to his master’s obsessions, Triton works hard to please him with his carefully prepared delicacies. Mr Salago’s return to a dangerous island to save the woman he once loved is almost an afterthought yet demonstrates man’s capacity to give as well as destroy. Wijetunga was expressing a sentiment that was spreading rapidly among the dissatisfied masses. Have you read this one? I really wanted to like this book – the BBC world book club is doing it soon.


Reef by Romesh Gunesekera | : Books

The oriole in the garden will sing no more — except in memory. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Feb 09, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view. It is and in ten years’ time the country’s name will change to Sri Lanka. It is a servant’s life that he tells us: He now lives in London.

Their debuts not even published in UK, so their second novels have passed me by as well as the debuts. I watched him, I watched him unendingly, all the time, and learned to become what I am. I am lost in admiration of Romesh Gunesekera’s breath-taking prose.

He loves and admires his master and knows his own value. The sensuous pleasures of cerebral activity he is Fanon’s colonized intellectual absorb Mister Salgado’s attention a little less as he falls in love with Miss Nili.

She stayed with him alone in the house while I went up to the main road. In contemporary London, a Sri Lankan man stops at a gas station, pumps his gas, goes to pay. He sees his employer’s girlfriend naked, and there are no repercussions. Doing interesting list he evokes place so well I recommend his short stories monkfish moon.

Talking together about their country and the war there makes the narrator start thinking of his life in Sri Lanka and of the events that brought him to England as a refugee. Taste is not a product of the mouth; it lies entirely in the mind. Triton is an year old boy who accidentally sets fire to a thatched roof in his school compound.