Download MAT. APLIC. ELECTROTECNIA Download Matematica Aplicada a La Electrotecnia GTZ Doc. Tablas de electrotecnia. Front Cover. GTZ, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Tablas de electrotecnia.

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AT Source is a non-profitmaking publication.

Technical Mathematics for the Automotive Trade. AT Source is addressed to readers mainly among development aid workers in small scale projects. Free International Newsletters All health workers need information, whether they are involved in training, clinical or community work.

Matematica Aplicada a La Electrotecnia GTZ Doc

Please make the most of this specialist literature, which is available free of charge to all GATE partners working in vocational training who require them. Editors AT Source, P.

Technical Drawing for Automotive Electrical Engineering. We would draw your attention in particular to the recent publication Glossar: AT Source Jubilee Issue.


Technical Mathematics for the Electric Trade. The “adaptation, production and distribution of training materials” includes translations of special subject books.


These articles have been translated and rearranged to meet present-day requirements. There are, however, a great number of free resources available: Technical Drawing for Electrical Engineering. However, it is often very difficult to obtain expensive or even low-cost books or journals because of foreign exchange restrictions or lack of money.

Technical Drawing for Automotive Engineering. The titles published so far are listed below. It appears quarterly in English and French.

It is a supraregional project run by Division 23 of the GTZ. Single copies are free to individuals but eletrotecnia is a charge of 50 U. Subjects covered include energy from water, infant nourishment, natural crop protection without pesticides and preservation of timber. It contains practical information about agricultural, technical and health-related topics, including their social implications.

Gtz – Electrotecnia de Potencia – [PDF Document]

Therefore it was decided to publish a special issue. Seperate issues cost dfl. This jubilee issue, published in both English and French, contains 10 articles which have been selected from the volumes which appeared in Dutch between and Send your order to: Technical Drawing Metalwork – Advanced Course. The subscription fee is dfl. The editorial staff consists of volunteers who provide answers to specific technical and social questions, sent by people working in the field.