NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various of Operations Research (Video); Simplex Algorithm – Initialization and Iteration. Introduction to Linear Programming Formulations; Linear Programming. Fundamentals of Operations Research (Video); Introduction to Duality .

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Introduction to Transportation Engineering. Introduction to Airplane Performance. Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture. Management of Inventory Systems. Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering.

Topics and Links

Fundamentals of Nuclear Power Generation. Chaos, Fractals and Dynamic Systems. Introduction to Modern Indian Political Thought. Performance of Marine Vehicles at Sea. Power System Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Mathematical Methods and its Applications. Patent Drafting for Beginners. Environmental Degradation of Funfamentals. Basics of Fluroscence Spectroscopy. Electron Diffraction and Imaging. Advanced Complex Analysis – Part 2.


vbithydlibrary [licensed for non-commercial use only] / NPTEL Latest Video Lectures

Mass Transfer Operations I. Principles of Signals and Systems.

Ethics in Engineering Practice. Thermodynamics Of Fluid Phase Equilibria.

Fundamentals of Operations Research | CosmoLearning Mechanical Engineering

Measurement Technique in Multiphase Flows. Geotechnical Measurements and Explorations.

An Introduction to Information Theory. Photogeology In Terrain Evaluation Part 2. Legal Compliance for Incorporating Startup. Ocean Structures and Materials. Embedded Systems-Design Verification and Test. Data Science for Engineers. Advanced Finite Elements Analysis. Technology of Surface Coating. Advanced Linear Continuous Control Systems: Defects in Crystalline Solids – Part I. Firstly, you will be learning various topics about simplex algorithm, which deals with complex variable problems and then dive right into the concept of Duality where you will fnudamentals exploring Duality theorem, Complimentary Slackness theorem and many more concepts related to Operations Research.

Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 36 lectures 14, views.

Information Security – II. Advanced Quantum Mechanics with Applications. Ship Resistance and Propulsion. Introduction to Machine Learning. Fundamentals of Database Systems. Electronics and Communication Engineering Principles of Vibration Control. Biology for engineers and other non-biologists.


Strategic Marketing – Contemporary Issues.

Technical English for Engineers. Introduction to Operaions Computing. Foundation of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science. Water and Waste Water Engineering. Fundamentals and Design Analysis. Mass spectrometry based proteomics. Energy Resources and Technology.

An Introduction 40 lectures 5, views. Acoustic Instabilities in Aerospace Propulsion. Principles of Downstream techniques in Bioprocess. Assignment Problem – Hungarian Algorithm.