rior del atlas, asociado a una fractura longitudinal y oblicua del odontoides Desc: ATLAS CERVICAL/ lesiones; APÓFISIS ODONTOIDES; FRACTURAS. Se describe un caso de fractura tipo II de la odontoides con luxación atlanto- Fijación interna de fracturas; Apófisis odontoides; Traumatismos vertebrales. Title: Fractura de la apófisis odontoides con supervivencia. Un hallazgo de paleopatología. (Spanish); Alternate Title: Surviving the odontoid apophysis fracture.

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Body mass index and active range of motion exercise treatment after intra-articular injection in adhesive capsulitis.

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We tested increasing doses of bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells BM-MSCs in combination with hyaluronic acid in a randomized clinical trial. To report a case of a patient with cutaneous necrosis after IA HA injection for treatment of knee osteoarthritis, presenting as a livedoid violaceous patch on the right knee. El seguimiento fue de 26 meses. A committee of 10 experts from Italian universities, public hospitals, territorial services, research institutes and patient associations was set up.

To compare radiological and functional outcome of external fixation and distraction with conservative Plaster of Paris POP cast for unstable intra-articular fractures of the distal radius. Efficacy of intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections and exercise-based rehabilitation programme, administered as isolated or integrated therapeutic regimens for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Closed reduction and Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis MIPO for distal tibia has emerged as an alternative treatment option because it respects fracture biology and haematoma and also provides biomechanically stable construct.

These preliminary results indicate that dysprosium ferric hydroxide macroaggregate is an effective agent for radiation synovectomy.


The intra-articular IA application of pulsed radiofrequency PRF for pain in small and large joints represents a recent development that has proven to be effective in many cases. However, in the ACP group, WOMAC scores at 1 week were significantly decreased compared with baseline scores, and the scores for this group remained significantly lower throughout the study duration.

Intra-articular corticosteroid for knee osteoarthritis.

Fracture type seems to be an important factor influencing physical. Early minimally invasive reduction and fixation of complex high velocity pilon fractures gave very satisfactory results at a minimum of two odontoodes follow-up. Veinticuatro pacientes evolucionaron hacia la seudoartrosis. From the results of this trial it is possible to lay down indications for the use of intra-articular steroid in these conditions. Journal of Education, Health and Sport.

Of an original 21 patients whose SF was characterized acutely following intra-articular ankle fractures, 7 returned for planned hardware syndesmotic screw removal after bone healing approximately 6 months and consented to a second bilateral SF collection.

Anatomía de la Columna Cervical | Blausen Medical

Hyaluronan treatment led to significant improvement of range of motion at hip and knee. Fracturas de tibia, tratamiento con CIMB no fresados. Radiographs examination showed a line of horizontal fracture between the union of the cervical third with the middle third and in addition there is a bone defect at the same level of the root fracture. Analysis was also performed to determine the effect of the number of fracture lines and involvement of soft tissue on SF composition.

Several classifications have been described depending on the location of the fracture. Fluoroscopic arthrograms of the injections were retrospectively analyzed by two radiologists. There is a need for more rigorously designed studies on hip osteoarthritis treatment as this.


We performed intra-articular pulsed radiofrequency treatment at 48 levels of the lumbar facet joints in 20 patients 5 men and 15 women; mean age, When two treatments are compared, it may be concluded that intra-articular steroid injection was more effective especially in the first weeks regarding pain, ROM and disability. Forty-two operations using nonlocking calcaneal plates group A were performed during the first three years, and 34 calcaneal fractures were stabilized using locking compression plates group B in However, it is not clear which form of HA yields better results.

There were 18 articles addressing the efficacy of diagnostic intra-articular hip injections. One hundred sixty-five patients affected by moderate degrees of knee OA were randomly divided into three groups.

The aim of this retrospective study is to evaluate the oodntoides of intraarticular PRF in a group of 57 consecutive patients with chronic joint pain.

A total of patients were surveyed by postal questionnaires to determine their sports activities at a mean of 7. Full Text Available Introduction: The combined treatment showed the greatest pain relief at 1-month follow-up compared to either in isolation.

The operation is based on the premise that subtle and longstanding facet instability, joint space reduction, and subsequent facet override had a profound and primary influence in the pathogenesis of degenerative lumbar canal stenosis. The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and non-specific synovitis by intra-articular injection of radioactive colloidal gold Au.