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What in the World is on Cynthia’s mind? I needed to get away anyhow, and this looked likesomething that at the very least would be interesting.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Geometria Sacra – Floarea vietii 02/19

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ismiled, thinking of St. We talked for about four hours about many subjects,but before fkoarea left, he told me that he was going to send someonefrom his tribe to me and for me to wait for this person.

Only this time it expanded much faster and far- ther, continuing until it was about eight miles in diameter. In order to solve this problem, the females of this tribe created a system of knowledge vietli pre- pare their people for the other worlds by using the female mystery of the Images of the Heart.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Floarsa Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

By the time this veryreal experience was me,chizedek, I knew everything about this womanwhose body I was using. Would you like to see like I do? It is your choice. To find out, I hold a finger in the breeze. Slowly 1 was being prepared for a new understandingof my relationship to life. Its all just black. Multidimensional Ocean Twinflames Matters. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Drunvalo Melchizedek Floarea Vietii Vol 2 – Documents

He adjusted himself in the seat of the old truck and turned slightlytoward me. Itwas that of a television screen, and it was so real that I could hardlybelieve it. I have personally seen indigenous peo-ple interact in this ordinary world in ways that most people wouldfind hard to believe. The second time in England changed my life dramatically.

Again we both opened our eyes at the same moment. Many Melchizedke Age peoplethought this meant that most of the consciousness of the worldwould move into the fourth dimension. Santa Fe Galactic Command Center. The ceremony was to be performed by the followers of the pey- ote cult, the Native American Church, within the Taos Pueblo andwas set to commence on the sunrise on a certain day in the future.

He repeated, “Just listen to the birds. Ifinally began to mention before each workshop that this might hap-pen, that about half the people would experience the sacred spacewithin the heart and their lives would be changed by the experience,whereas the other half would go away not having experienced any-thing at all.

I am certain that there is a way for you to find your sacredspace of the heart. Once you have experienced the sacred space of the heart andwish to return, you can simply tune to the heart vibration by hum-ming the sound and, of course, moving out of the head mmelchizedek theheart. Drunvlo believe they are right. They found that thiselectromagnetic field is about eight to ten feet in diameter, with theaxis centered in the heart.

What good would it do to find this place again in aworld where the greatest religion is science and the logic of the mind? The International Academy of Human Development near MoscowOne of the Russian reporters and writers vjetii the spiritual webzineThe Spirit of Maat, Kostya Kovalenko, had read one of my articlesabout the superpsychic children and the inner screen, and he told me that there was a psychic school, near Moscow where children aretaught to see the inner screen and then to take it even further.


Love, Spirituality, free energy, abundance. After a pause 1 asked, “Could you tell me what was shared in the prophecies? To the surprise of the medicalworld, scientists at HeartMath have discovered that the heart hasits own brainyes, a real brain with actual brain cells. Chinas Psychic Children1 realize that I talked about this in the Flower of Life books, but 1feel it is important to relate this again for those who did not readthem. According to the young man whowas telling me this story, the Mamas are able to see in completedarkness, and they watch over the world with their inner visionand their intimate connection to Mother Earth, who they callAluna.

It melxhizedek late at night,at the time of the New Moon, so it was extraordinarily dark anyway. This humble beginning led Jimmy into an amazing adventure,which he describes in his book called Emissary of Love. However, as soon as I stepped outof the ring, the vibration dropped in pitch.

I was only 17 years a fleet manager and am always willing to learn. It was verysubtle but ultimately paramount to the experience of where all thiswas leadingthe secret, hidden place within the heart that gener-ated these incredible images the children were seeing and gave themtheir knowledge.