alterações quantitativas e/ou qualitativas do espermograma com revelou-se normal em todos os parâmetros avaliados em apenas três doentes (um com. View ESPERMOGRAMA Aula prática from MORNINGSID at O sêmen normal, é uma mistura de espermatozóides e secreções.

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Behavioral and endocrine characteristics of the reproductive cycle in wild muriqui monkeys Brachyteles aracnoides. Insights into ovarian function in wild muriqui monkeys Brachyteles aracnoides. Semen collection procedures for captive wild animals. Semen samples obtained normak a single animal in different series during the same procedure were combined and analysed as a unique sample.

Electro-ejaculation technique in rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta. Puberty in the male chimpanzee: International Zoo Yearbookv. Reproduction of new world primates.

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The volume of the coagulum was nprmal by the displacement of a column of water in a graded glass tube after esperrmograma. It is already known that semen from primates coagulates after the ejaculation For that reason this work had the objective to collect and evaluate only the liquid fraction of the semen of the capuchin monkey Cebus apellaavoiding any enzimic treatment and measuring the volume of the coagulum only for the calculation of the total volume ejaculated.

Analysis of some normal parameters of the spermiogram of captive capuchin monkeys Cebus apella Linnaeus, In that case the same hormal did not nkrmal the possible damage to the acrossome that could lead to a reduction of the potential capacity for fertilization as a consequence of the enzimic action. Improved electro-ejaculation of primates.


In the family Cebidae there are fewer data in literature, being most of that related to two different species of capuchin monkey Cebus capucinus 10 and Cebus apella 1,9 and more recently to the muriqui Brachyteles aracnoides 12, Semen characteristics of the adult male chimpanzee Pan troglodytes.

There was no quantification of the defects. Regarding the New Wspermograma monkeys, the information comes mostly from the family Normql as the common marmoset Callithrix jacchus 5 and the squirrel monkey Saimiri sciureus 2. The majority of the information concerning basic knowledge of normal reproductive parameters is obtained from Old World monkeys as the chimpanzee Pan troglodytes 4,7 and rhesus Macaca mulatta 11,14, The adult condition was checked by the somatic development based on weight and through verification of dental eruption 9.

Services on Demand Journal. The mean obtained volume was 0,2ml with the sperm concentration of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolismv.

PARA COMPARAÇÃO – Espermograma Normal on Vimeo

As stated before, none of the mentioned authors evaluated the possible damage to sperm cell due to chemical treatment and its consequent decrease in fertility capacity. The coagulation function of the cranial lobe of the prostate gland in the monkey. How to cite this article. From the obtained ejaculate, we only analysed the liquid fraction in order to avoid any kind of chemical treatment to attain dissolution of the seminal coagulum.

In respect to the sperm cell pathology we found only one work in literature that reports as the most frequent defects the detached heads and tails and the twisted and bent tails 1. American Journal of Primatologyv.


Collection of semen from macaques by electro-ejaculation. The highly aggressive behaviour was also used as a desirable parameter for the males due to the well known positive correlation between testosterone levels and aggressiveness.

Ilar Newsv. Animals were kept in individual cages in order to avoid some interference of dominant males over subordinated ones. The results described in the literature presented some degree of variation among authors 1,9,10and when compared with our results we could find similar volumes of ejaculate in two of them 0,6 ml 10 and 0,58 ml 1 while the third was more than two fold bigger 1,9 ml 9.

A review of techniques of semen collection in mammals. The technique was efficient for semen collection in Cebus apella and allowed seminal evaluation without possible sperm lesions norrmal by chemical treatment for coagulum dissolution.

Nine adult males Cebus apella were studied. Symposium of the Zoological Society of Londonv. The results of the spermiograms of the capuchin monkey are presented in Tab. The cebus monkey Cebus apella.