Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jorge Volpi (México, ). Es autor de las novelas La paz de los sepulcros, El temperamento melancólico, El jardín. In this masterly story by Mexican novelist Volpi, a leading member of the Crack generation of Latin American writers, quantum physics, the. Buy En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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In Search of Klingsor is, in many ways, a remarkable book. Not for everyone – if reading a short history of the development of quantum mechanics, intersped with the Nazi pursuit of the atomic bomb and a postwar investigation of German physicists and their culpabilities in the crimes of the 3rd Reich is not for you then give this novel a pass – but if the subject tickles your fancy this novel is excellent.

Germanywell actually a few years earlier would bussca been much worse, but the author was benevolent.

En Busca de Klingsor

It’s undeniable that Jorge Volpi manages brillantly his fictional story in one of the most important episodes of contemporany klintsor. This is what the word “crack” refers to. And a thread of Aryan mythology runs through the whole thing, ostensibly tying together some of the themes of the book, and accounting for the mythologically-derived codename of the Nazi scientist, Klingsor.

The book also discussed the fall of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi

Gustav Links narra su vida y es el elemento que une todas las piezas. Indeed, the story is rich in detail and for the most part cleverly and engagingly constructed, and the book is clearly based on extensive research. During this time, inhe was in Oaxacawhen a state government official there was assassinated, giving him the idea for a later novel called La paz de los sepulcros.


Later, Volpi became friends with Fuentes after the older writer praised En busca de Klingsor. Seguimos nosotros con un completo desconocimiento de lo que pasa en Argentina o en Chile, y en Argentina no saben lo que pasa en Guatemala, y en Guatemala no saben lo que pasa en Cuba, y en Cuba no se sabe lo que pasa en Dominicana, y en Dominicana no se sabe lo que pasa en Venezuela InVolpi moved to Spain to do his doctorate at the University of Salamanca.

Jorge Volpi

In El temperamento melancolicoVolpi psychologically analyzes the ds of human temperament, exploring group dynamics and the effects of individual actions. Well deserving of the accolades received.

Las respuestas absolutas siempre son mentiras. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Its characters are Surrounding inside of informative stories and unexpected turns its own end was very shocking. Apr 29, Alfonso Zendejas rated it really liked it. This is when we meet our narrator, Professor Gustav Links, which has the task of helping Bacon to discover the identity of Klingsor code name of Hitler’s scientific adviser from a wide range of German scientists who participated in the atomic project.

Bomb- Artists in conversation magazine. Volpi’s first two published works are a series of short stories called Pieza de forma de sonata at age 23 and novel A pesar del oscuro silencio Premio Biblioteca Breve A second Francis Bacon!

His stories are often experiments to place certain temperaments together to analyze their interactions. Creo que hay tan pocos escritores mexicanos que se atreven a salirse de los temas de confort Retrieved December 1, The ambiguous ending again may not be for people liking cookie Very interesting novel about scientists and their ethical and social responsibilities. Although published ten years later, one month before the Luis Donaldo Colosio assassination, he wrote a part of the book where a political assassination occurs much the way Colosio’s did, one month before it happened.

Es el que el propio lector tiene que decidir, frente a la incertidumbre, que sea el final. Y luego ya este libro. There is an erroneous quotation at least in the Spanish edition of Einstein’s basic paper ofwhere “Thermodynamics” is written instead of “Electrodynamics”.


Buscs from this, the plot is interesting but I think it buwca an unnecessarily long book. Trained as a lawyer, he gained notice klingsoor the s with his first publications and participation in the pronouncement of the ” Crack Manifesto ” with several other young writers to protest the state of Mexican literature and promote their own work.

However, knowledge in Volpi’s novels is a search rather than explaining what is already known and it is never complete, generally related to the concept of identity and human behavior. Il protagonista – un matematico – che si sdoppia, le tre parti del libro che iniziano tutte quasi fossero un saggio scientifico He met with and shared experiences there with fellow writer Ignacio Padillacrediting him as an indirect influence on the work.

The style wavers from the trite to the popular-scientific to the bombastic and over-literary. To view it, click here. La novela se puede leer en varios niveles. Volpi’s novels are distinct from magical realism and other trends of Latin American literature as they focus on the actions of characters and research into academic topics, especially history and science, and do not always focus on Latin American characters and settings.

En busca de Volpi”. It is full of science, philosophy, metaphysics and the great personalities of early twentieth century physics. The thematic connections are sometimes obscure or strained, and not always convincingly worked through.