Electrix MO-FX: Electrix» multi effect rackmount unit». The Electrix Mo FX is a digital multi effects unit. The effects it includes are distortion, flange, tremolo and delay. The effects can be used singularly or they can be. Electrix audio processors all share a very distinctive look, like a cross Electrix has broken some interesting ground with the Mo-FX ($).

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elechrix Basically everything does what it is supposed to do and it does it well and reliably. This last button selects the way in which the dry signal is passed through the audio chain.

While at first it seemed like a crazy noise-box, I have now learned that it can also do all the things a DJM or EFX can do, and sound better as well.

AUTO the default state mutes the dry signal when any m-fx the effects are engaged and KILL mutes the original and just leaves the effected sound.

I believe the connections are XLR and the unit is rackable. CD players, record decks, mixing desks, keyboards, you name it. The distortion and delay switchable table tennis are the analog modeling!

Solidly constructed, professional unit. I add only that there is a selector band hi-mid-low for each effect with seven possible combinations and the tremolo to auto-pan.

Alternatively an incoming MIDI clock can be bypassed just by electeix in a new tempo.

MIDI in, out and thru, left and right audio input and outputs on both standard balanced jacks and phonos, plus left and right effect insert sockets. A complete list of transmitted controller numbers is printed in the instruction manual.


Electrix Mo-fx Time Synchronized Effects Processor Filter – MOFX S | eBay

A nice feature is that if the Delay is set with any amount of regeneration the sound will still decay in its own time without cutting off the echo tail even if the Delay effect is switched off. But it is going very well, it is easy to use!

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. If you are looking to expand and get some time based effects that are not in plug in form, this is a great model to get started with.

Many multi-effects units have a preset signal path configured to run their effects in series from one block to the next. At any time all the bands can be selected simultaneously the default value by pressing and holding the Band button.

electtrix The flange is good but I wanted one scan period much longer desync mode, but I’m too demanding, I want a 40 second! They are even cheap enough where almost any studio owner could own one and it is a great bang for your buck. The repeats can get extremely quick and almost crazy sounding. Power switch on rear. PROS Exceptional sound quality. If a sound is passing through the DELAY block while you adjust the SPEED control the sound slurps about slowing down and speeding up for a few seconds while the electronics emulate adjusting to a new speed setting.

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All user reviews for the Electrix Mo-FX

The only reason it takes a bit of getting used to is simply because there are so many different effects and different ways to alter them. Also the way the processing path is configured may not endure it to studio types, although this is compensated for by the versatility and quality of the effects themselves, which are top notch.

Not immediately as user friendly as the Pioneer stuff, but way better and more original sounding. Never called tech support, doubt I ever will. MO-FX can be lack of an effect supplmentaire If you are looking to expand and get some time based effects that are not in plug in form, this is a great electdix to get started with. The flange is over-powerful, distortion super hot, I do not use the tremolo a lot, but appear different to resort loop battery there’s no better.

Multi effects rack or flat: The effects can mo-ffx used singularly or they can be mixed and matched together. Real-time effects tempo sync. The Electrix Mo FX is a digital multi effects unit.

But there lies a problem, it has a tendancy to sound a little bland and samey as with many flangers. I have not tried other multi gender effects y’en he also with many knobs and a delay loop, if so send me a mail ti please, thank you!