Getting started with ejabberd. Overview; Options to use ejabberd; Architecture. However, the guide is believed to help you understanding ejabberd’s code. These tutorials assume installation on localhost for development purposes.

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This section describes for reference purposes all the environment variables and command line parameters.

Getting started with ejabberd | ejabberd Docs

The easiest way to get a list of the available commands, and get help for them is to use the ejabberdctl script:. Occupants of a room can chat in public or have private chats. Mannual some cases the rules can be bypassed, but the reason doing so should be really weighty.

This section describes for reference purposes all the environment variables and command line parameters. This option is global and valid for all rooms. One module can be started per cluster node. Manuzl or blocking all communications based on JID, group, or subscription type or globally.


Installing ejabberd

As described in 2. Example configuration with TURN functionality. At that level “lazy” decoding is applied: Network Layer Once ejabberd is started, some external events should obviously make it doing something. The default value is an empty list: Reload Module via an Erlang Console It is possible to reload some ejabberd modules from disk without mabual ejabberd.

Use lager Erlang logging tool instead of standard error logger.

Stop the ejabberd server. Also, in the last two cases an error message is logged during the module initialization.

The hard dependency means the module is non-functional if the other module is not loaded. It relies on a dynamic community all over the world. The following authentication methods are supported by ejabberd: By default any account in the local ejabberd server is allowed to create pubsub nodes.

The following options are used by many modules. Execute with root privileges:. The format of that line is: Maximum number of ETS and Mnesia tables.

Backend is not configurable yet, by now it requires to be grapherl running in localhost and listening to port The option syntax is:. Full path to a file containing the default SSL certificate.


Default value is 5. The URL sent to the user is formed by: The language format should conform to RFC Default value is 30 seconds.

By default everyone is allowed to use it. This is the default value when no IP is specified. To verify the service is running, login to ejabberd with a XMPP client, open the service discovery and check that there’s a service called “Multicast”.

The vCard-Based Avatars protocol XEP provides a method for clients to inform the contacts what is the avatar hash value. The stanza must be well-formed according to RFC and the session must be active.

Configuring ejabberd

ejaabberd For this reason, enabling this module will introduce a computational overhead in servers with clients that change frequently their presence. A very few hooks have global scope.

And define it as a handler in the HTTP service: