22 May A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Don Segundo Sombra by Ricardo Güiraldes. Don Segundo Sombra [Ricardo Guiraldes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Very uncommon English translation of the Argentian novelist. don Segundo Sombra (Spanish Edition) [Ricardo Güiraldes] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inspired in Don Segundo Ramirez, a cattle.

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Are we what we believe ourselves to be, or should we rather take what happens to us as clues to our real nature? Eventually an injury from which he must recover leaves him behind, and apart from Don Segundo, and he gets a first taste of standing on his own two feet and he winds up fairly ashamed of his performance.

Don Segundo Sombra | work by Güiraldes |

But there’s guirales Don Segundo to look up to — a man whose enormous hand doesn’t hold or offer: The narrator is an apparently orphaned youth whose family circumstances are veiled in a bit of mystery — taken as a boy from “the woman I called mamma” and sent to town to live with his “so-called aunts”. Please provide an email address. Don Segundo has both the wisdom and demeanor to see him through any situation — a man whose “complete self-confidence” allows him to keep: As just a literary-tinged boys’ tale, Don Segundo Sombra might be skipable, but its place in Argentine literature and its continuing popularity make it worth a closer look.

An epic of the pampas, sincere and simple in its telling, fraught with a rich philosophy, love of nature, religion, drama and humor. Don Segundo Sombra is an Argentine classic of gaucho life.

Don Segundo Sombra – Canada. At fourteen he escapes the prison of school and his aunts’ house, fleeing to take up the life he really wants — that of the gauchothe cowboys of the pampas.


The somewhat xon mature Fabio isn’t quite ready to strike it out on his own, but he is slowly being nudged to independence.


We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. Orthofer22 May As someone though not, it should be noted, either Fabio guiraldse Don Segundo observes: It hasn’t held on well in English — this translation, in its various editions, seems to be long out of print, and a new translation barely seemed to cause a ripple — but it remains an iconic work in Argentina.

You are plunged into the thrilling life of cattle round ups and drives, of aegundo races and cook fights, of buiraldes dances, of quarrels in which the deadly Argentinian knife is the weapon. Exhausting and dangerous, these are the activities Fabio lives for, as: A book for those who will enjoy an authentic picture of Argentinian life, for those who like Westerns of the better type, for those who were fascinated by Tshiffely’s Ride.

To get a picture of what Argentines still like to think of gaucho -life, Don Segundo Sombra — with its eponymous hero, gauchismo personified — remains essential reading.

All towns seemed alike to me, and all people pretty much alike, and my memory of those stuffy hurried places made me sick. The complete review ‘s Review:. He and his translator Any chance meeting may play the part of fate and shatter the very foundations of one’s life?

DON SEGUNDO SOMBRA (Shadows on the Pampas) by Ricardo Guiraldes | Kirkus Reviews

There was a problem adding your email address. Amusingly — and true to character — Fabio doesn’t take to settling down quickly, even when he has a nice property of his own: Until he reaches that point of settling down, Fabio segunvo glad the herding life does not leave him time to ponder life more closely, but ponder he occasionally does — and he wonders about chance and fate and, most notably, what appears to be the absence of free ricarro, disturbed to think that: I got up, like any gaucho, with the dawn and went to sleep with the chickens.

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Publicist or Marketing Professional. From an encounter with a girl when he first escaped to his new life to his gambling to the luck of how horses he rides fall, chance constantly determines smaller and larger events in his life — the opportunity for sex, how much money he dln, whether he is injured or not — and the one big advantage of gaucho -life is that it keeps him from mulling all this over too much.

Together they follow the lot of roving gauchos — or harders — on the pampas, wandering from job to job.

The night eegundo in upon my flesh. Young Fabio encountered a girl before he set out on his first drive, and since: So, for example, for the admittedly near untranslatable: Money can’t buy happiness, or many other things, but Don Segundo shows him what’s truly important and valuable in life. Don Segundo Sombra – France. Which of the following best describes you?

Along the way are other ricxrdo — including gambling winnings and losses. Do you work in the book industry? Which isn’t to say Don Segundo Sombra is a bad book. I’d rather live like a mountain lion in the wilds alone, than be a lapdog again under the incense-stinking skirts of those moustachioed old maids!

It is too clearly constructed — a true fiction — to feel real.