Buddhist socialism is a political ideology which advocates socialism based on the principles of Buddhadasa Bhikku coined the phrase “Dhammic socialism”. Richard King teases out the links between Marxism, Buddhism and socialism. The Dalai Lama and Marxism Dhammic Socialism according to. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu’s notion of “dhammic socialism” is an interesting use of the Buddhist teachings and the term socialism. Simply put, his socialism amounts.

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Han Yong-un felt that equality was one of the main principles of Buddhism.

Buddhist socialism

To be in harmony with Dhamma means that it is based in the realization of human interdependence. Much as Buddhadasa encourages us to take control of our souls, so do I urge folks on the Internet to develop the honest human potential of networked communications, rather than electronically fanning the flames of our “ever-growing desires for a kind of artificial beauty. Gotama Buddha arrived at his wisdom after unlimited access to and some indulgence in the pleasures of worldly material goods.

Television, the broadcast model, typifies “one to many” communications versus the web’s “many to many” communications. It would seem to limit us to those means to express ourselves. Each site only exists in terms of links to other sites – nothing is a whole, independent of connection; each is a piece of the collective.

Being “useful” means helping in the struggle for genuine liberation from suffering, no mater on what level or in what area of life. Sivaraksa, “Religion and Television in the 21st Century,” page 41 People who have been described as Buddhist socialists include Buddhadasa Bhikkhu[2] [3] B.

Ten years ago, it was semi-safe to generalize about the Internet. There is really only one society in the world: Look down at the ants and insects: If that image was up on the Buddhadasa web page, clarity seekers the world over could grasp that truth through that image.


By providing access to everything, immediately, the net brings us to face the lack of spiritual sustenance in shallow materialism. Donald Swearer, from his introduction to Dhammic Socialism, page 35 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The boob tube actively propagates the materialistic paradigm, fostering cravings for immediate gratification of stratospheric proportions.

If we were to use these inventions in truly socialist ways, we could achieve peace and genuine dhammci in the world in a very short time.

That is how we understand Socialism. As we saw earlier, social oppression is rooted in personal and structural kilesa, that is, selfishness. People require a vision that shows how true happiness lies in Dhammic Socialism and a nibbanic society rather than in selfishness, consumerism, materialism, and the like. Socialismm page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Rather than television demanding a pavlovian response to commercial puffery, the Internet encourages an active engaged personal search for truth.

Socialist mode of production Commune model of government Economic planning Free association Equal opportunity Direct democracy Adhocracy Technocracy Self-management Industrial democracy Economic democracy Public ownership Common ownership Cooperative ownership Social dividend Basic income Production for use Calculation in kind Socializm calculation Labour voucher Workplace democracy. We must collectively attempt to overcome our collective problem, dukkha, by doing whatever will bring us to a fuller understanding of the term Dhamma or God in its most profound sense.

Dhammic Socialism by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu – Suan Mokkh

In Dhammic Socialism, the individual’s purpose and meaning is found beyond its little “self” in society, nature, and Dhamma. There have been various approaches to Socialism and some have been incorrect, that is, authoritarian, violent, and corrupt. For anything to succeed in this natural world it must harmonize with, ddhammic in line with Dhamma, follow from and serve, the Law of Nature.


Socialism is the perspective and orientation that takes the good of society as a whole as central, rather than one’s personal, individualistic good as all important. Conversely, without the active involvement of mindful folk, the Internet could be fearsome force for absolute dehumanization.

For engaged buddhists, socialism must be rooted in and guided by Dhamma. Interconnectedness, for Buddhadasa, is critical to getting ” Views Read Edit View history. Thus, we speak of “Dhammic Socialism. Buddhadasa, Dhammic Socialism, page 46 We ultimately seek out honesty, depth; these ring truer because the other stuff is so immediately accessible.

Any effort extended into this society is at once shared world wide.

His core precepts undergird the positive potential of the Internet. In this setting, the hording or even holding of information becomes quickly irrelevant – there is simply too much out there for any one element to be of disproportionate significance.

Don’t believe that socialism is dead! Through self-awakening, they achieve preparedness to improve themselves and accordingly the world around them. Due to the phenomenal appeal of the World Wide Web, the Internet is replacing materialist models of media. Each person is their own agent of collection, with the potential to publicate. Siladhamma consists of relationships and activities that do not oppress or take advantage of anyone, even oneself, and that are for the mutual benefit of ourselves, others, and the collective.