Commenting and Commentaries [Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Joel Beeke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The student or pastor with a. mitted, and I meant to include two addresses upon Commenting in the proposed tion, and then acatalogue of Commentaries miglit help the student to carry the. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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A new edition with the Author’s final corrections. Latitudinarianism with its infidelity, and unsectarianism with its intolerance, are neither of them friends of ours: When reading short psalms, or connected passages of the other books, do not split up the authors utterances by interjecting your notes.

It is to some extent a compilation and condensation of other men’s thoughts, but it is sufficiently original to claim a place in every minister’s library: Edited, and carefully commentng, by the Rev.

Mind you do not confound the Annotations with the Synopsis; the English work is not a translation of the Latin one, but an entirely distinct performance.

To God I commend this labour, which has been commentaried and carried out commentries no motive but that of honoring his name, and edifying his Church by stimulating the study of his Word. Adam Johnson rated it it was amazing Dec 28, You will often turn to a reference, and will have to say, “Well, it is a reference, certainly, in a way, for it contains the same word, but there is no reference in the sense that the one text will explain the other.

Russ rated it really liked it Sep 13, When you have read his headings, by following out the concordance, you will observe connections in which the word occurs, which most advantageously and correctly fix its meaning. If you are of that opinion, pray remain so, for you are not worth the trouble of conversion, and like a little coterie who think with you, would resent the attempt as an insult to your infallibility.

Commenting and commentaries

Again, “the cabman mounted the box”; “the child was pleased with his Christmas box”; “his lordship is staying at his shooting box”. Expository preaching he would advocate as the great need of the day, dommentaries best protection against rising errors, and its surest means of spiritual edification. No Life Insurance Society should accept the proposals of a commentator on the whole of either Testament, for it seems to be the rule that such students of the Word should be taken up to their reward before their task vommentaries quite completed.


The editor of the translation published by Messrs. This book is Spurgeon’s Goodreads feed.

A Chat about Commentaries Lecture 2: London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. Return to Commentarries Page. Show how a truth which was first heard in the days of David is still forcible and pertinent in these modern times, and you will thus endear the Scriptures to the minds of your people, who prize commentariea remarks much more than you imagine.

If a controversial eye had been turned upon Barnes’s Notes years ago, and his inaccuracies shown up by some unsparing hand, he would never have had the popularity which at one time set rival publishers advertising him in every direction. Many persons have accustomed themselves to misunderstand certain texts; they have heard wrong interpretations in their youth, and will never know better unless the correct meaning be indicated to them.

You mean to take that goodly freight on board before you launch upon the sea of married life. I can recollect hearing in my younger days long passages out of Daniel, which might have been exceedingly instructive to me if I had obtained the remotest conception of what they meant.

They testify that when they read the Bible at home in the family, the exposition makes it doubly precious to them; and the chapter which they had unprofitably read in course at family prayers, commehtaries they pursue it the next time, recollecting what their minister has said upon it, becomes a real delight to them. Thus will the word of God be its own key. By John Mayer, Doctor of Divinity. It is sadly indicative of the Socinianism of the age in which this good man lived, that he feels called upon to apologise for the evangelical strain in which he has written.

I in 2 parts, 30s. Shawn Paterson rated it really liked it Aug 20, His style is as pithy and cmmentaries as that of Thomas Fuller, and it has a sacred unction about it to which Fuller has no pretension. To overleap difficulties, and only expound what is already clear, is to make commenting ridiculous.

This was a joy to read! Yet so far from depreciating the good man, I should be sorry to have missed his acquaintance, and would bespeak for him your attentive perusal.

Commenting and Commentaries – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

He allows his reason to be mastered by his affections, which, vice as it is, is not the worst fault in the world. As the bones are necessary to the human system, so Scripture must have its historical matters. Such a rule would be a mere superstition if we were slavishly bound by it, but I could almost wish that the custom were reestablished, for the present plan of preaching from short texts, together with the great neglect of commenting publicly upon the word is very unsatisfactory.

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Some of his remarks are far fetched, and like the far fetched rarities of Solomon’s Tarshish, there is much gold and silver, but there are also apes and peacocks. Simeon say of him, “Sir, he was very Calvinistic when the text was so, and people thought him an Arminian when the text was that way, for he always stuck to its plain sense.

The expositor who nullifies the historical ground work of Scripture for the sake of finding only spiritual truths everywhere, brings death on all correct interpretations. Hawker was the very least of commentators in the matter of criticism; he had no critical capacity, and no ability whatever as an interpreter of the letter; but he sees Jesus, and that is a sacred gift which is most precious whether the owner be a critic or no.

Peter John’s Epistles I. Besides, if you are in the habit of commenting, it will give you an opportunity of saying many things which are not of sufficient importance to become the theme of a whole sermon, and therefore would probably remain unnoticed, to the great loss of the Lord’s people and others. Feb 09, Chris Comis rated it liked it Shelves: The notes are very good, and reveal the thorough scholar. Lolok rated it it was amazing Oct 14, As you cannot visit the Holy Land, it is well for you that there is a work like the Pictorial Bible, in which the notes of the most observant travellers are arranged under the texts which they illustrate.

I make but small account of most reference Bibles; they would be very useful if they were good for anything; but it is extremely easy to bring out a reference Bible which has verbal and apparent references, and nothing more. Involved sentences most abound in the writings of Paul, whose luxuriant mind was not to be restrained to any one line of argument.

Caryl on Job will not exhaust the patience of a student who loves every letter of the Word; even Collinges, with his nine hundred and nine pages upon one chapter of the Song, will not be too full for the preacher’s use; nor will Manton’s long metre edition of the hundred and nineteenth Psalm Ps Numerous editions, folio and quarto. In fine, your business is to make the word plain.