Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. If the lot happens to be in a sign of few children, then it indicates a small number of children. Jupiter and Mercury indicate children if they are in good places, but deny [it] if they are in the sterile signs, which are Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, the beginning of Taurus, the middle of Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius. If Mars stops in the house of Venus and Venus [in] the house of Mars, it indicates for the native disgrace and debauchery and destruction; Mars indicates similarly if it carmdn with Venus or in opposition or quartile to it.

Cancel Forgot your password? Knowledge of the masculine and feminine “hours” of the nativity. Jupiter and Mars indicate middling ones, Mercury younger ones, the Moon older astrologicuj, and Venus younger sisters.

He chose it and selected it and picked it from the books which were before him, and he wrote it for his son Hermes. If you find Venus Book three is on the length of life. If you find in what I told you of signs a sign possessing two bodies, then double it. When Venus happens to transit this lot, it indicates children. Eleni Kostika rated it really liked it Astrologicm 22, If they aspect from quartile, then according to that they farmen beneficial.

If you find Venus in a sign possessing carmem bodies or possessing two figures, then the marriage of the native will not be with [only] one [wife]. If you find the lord of the lot of the father in a bad place and a malefic aspects from the fourth or the seventh, then his father will die a terrible death.

Carmen astrologicum – Dorotheus (of Sidon.) – Google Books

If it is retrograde in motion, there is difficulty [and] misfortune in the natives and others. Please enter the message.

If Jupiter aspects [something] similar to this, it will relax that misfortune or keep it secret. The courtship of a woman and what occurs between a wife and her husband when she quarrels and scolds and departs from her house publicly If you find the Moon approximately as I told you about the Sun, then predict concerning his mother in the way you predicted concerning the father. This is the first book of Dorotheus the Egyptian, on the judgments concerning nativities.


In the nativities of women, if you wish to know how many husband[s] she will marry, then count from midheaven to Mars, but if Mars is in midheaven then count from midheaven to Jupiter; whatever number of planets is between these two, say this is the number [of men] whom she will marry. If you find both malefic [planets] in signs [which are] crooked in rising and the Moon in a cardine aspecting them, it indicates injury and misfortune [for] the woman. If a sign other than his sign is bad, the misery is removed.

The exaltation of the planets Take care that you are not afraid nor interrupt your expectation from the native because you find a malefic for him in a cardine because you desire that the first, second, and third lords of the triplicity of the ascendant aspect. Now I will tell you the power of the seven planets. Count from Mars to Jupiter and add to it the degrees of the ascendent [by day] or subtract it from the ascendent [by night], thirty at a time.

Links to translation of Dorotheus of Sidon: Carmen Astrologicum

The magnitude of fortune and property. His descent is destroyed if [one] malefic is with the Moon and the other supervises it. If you find Saturn under the rays of the Sun, then mark off the lot of the father from Mars to Jupiter, and add to it the degrees of the ascendant [by day] or subtract it as you subtracted previously; then [you find] the lot of the father. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are western, diurnal, [and] masculine; their lord by day is Saturn, by night Mercury, and the associate of these two is Jupiter.

If you want to know whether the native is a slave or free, look first thing at the Moon. If you find Mercury in the ascendant, then predict that he has no brothers older than he is, and if there were, they are dead.

Look also at the Moon, as, if you find, together with what I mentioned of the goodness of the second place, the Moon in a good place aspecting the second place, increasing in its number[s] and its light, in trine with the Sun, and Mars does not aspect it, then it indicates that he is well known, mighty in his leadership and work in cities and the service of kings, a confidant of them, [and] influential because of this.


Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum (Book, ) []

Look at the seventh place from the lot, as, if you find its lord in the lot and the lot’s lord in the seventh, then these [natives] will keep quiet about their marriage[s] and will have intercourse with women secretly, then they will marry them after that and they [the women] will bear children from them. But if you find Jupiter in a nativity like carmne in a bad place, then it indicates disgrace and debauchery and a bad reputation astrologixum of this, because both of the two benefics happen to be in a cadent and, with the cadent, [their] dejection[s].

If you find Venus cadent [and] Mars and Jupiter aspecting it by day while the lords of its triplicity are in midheaven, then they indicate that the wife will be a whore, well known in the mouths of the majority of men, because Jupiter indicates fame in the city, but this [native] will attain disgrace from its [Venus’] badness.

May the lord be rich in compassion towards you. If with this the malefics are in cardine[s] or in what follows a cardine, then the native will fall upon misfortunes and he will be injured according to that. If its lord aspects it from trine, it indicates love between them, and if it aspects from quartile, it indicates a medium amount of that love.

See which planet is found in the astrologiucm.

So these [men]are always anxious about [their] livelihood and have little joy, [but are] filled with grief and misery and misfortune and calamity, and they seek everything in misery and suffering and little profit, so that [even] if it is the nativity of a king, his money will be spent on inferior thing[s]. Books by Dorotheus of Sidon. If you find the lord of the triplicity of the Sun by day in a bad place and the lords of the triplicity of the Moon by night in a good place contrary to that, then there is no good in the native if it is thus, but according to this there was almost good and pleasure for him in property so that, if he thinks that his affair has drawn near, it will not increase according to this, but there was a destiny by which he is ruled in himself.