The Balanced Scorecard framework .. FSeMP, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Fakultät für Informatik, Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Diplomarbeit, ostbayrische technische hochschule regensburg individual assignment international business administration the balanced scorecard theoretical framework and. Ich erkläre weiters Eides statt, dass ich meine Diplomarbeit nach den Management, Baldrige and Balanced Scorecard) as well as particular areas.

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Manufacturing learning process time to maturity 3. Laden Sie Ihre eigenen Arbeiten hoch!

It is thus evident that the BSC has been used both empirically and in literature, however no specific studies have addressed the BSC in the Kenyan food industry specifically in the Kenya Nut Company. Click here for more info. Proietti La Balanced Scorecard.

Definition Brand Equity 3. Spinellis, Handling and Reporting Security Advisores: Bigliardi and Bottani developed the BSC for the supply chain in food companies. Balanced Scorecard with Interdependencies 1. Some examples are those from: The analysis of interdependencies follows the four dimensions which Kaplan and Norten defined in World Horticultural Trade and U.

How do our software processes and SPI add value to the company? A case study of banking sectorInternational Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, 1 From the findings, it was clear that the stakeholders agreed to the use of the BSC in improving supply chain performance. The recommendations on the paper further suggested applying the model to test its suitability in a wide range of food companies.

KNC can overcome these challenges by having a BSC that can improve its functions such as sourcing, production, storage, packaging and distribution in the supply chain that relate to the challenges. From the study, it was concluded that the BSC provides guidance in the evaluation and measurement of supply chain management if it is used on a daily routine.


The empirical paper provided example measures that are but a tiny fraction of the possible measures that can be developed. Between the year andU. Prior traditional measurement systems cannot capture the measurements that are needed in the modern companies today.

The Interdependency of Brand Value within the Balanced Scorecard

Supply Chain Controlling mit der Balanced Scorecard. A doubled its local consumption and increased its imports more than four times without changing its production levels thus offering Kenya a huge market potential for macadamia nut Gitonga et al. The diplomareit will be of significance to scholars, academicians, organizations in the food industry and the management and staff at KNC. Today, the balanced scorecard is widely used by companies for measuring their objects and value management.

They recommended a study on the actual measures adopted by the supply chain entities involved using a BSC approach.

The study also established some of the challenges faced in implementing the BSC such as too much time in developing and updating the BSC, too many measures being used and difficulty diplonarbeit determining the measures. Thus, few diplomrbeit to build an ICT scorecard have been done. With its products being consumed both locally and in international markets such as U. The BSC can improve the supply chain by overcoming the challenges faced through the use of financial, customer, internal business, and learning and growth perspectives.

Balanced Scorecard and Supply Chain Perfomance. The Case of the | Diplomarbeitende

With organizations seeking benefits of shorter lead times, responsiveness, flexibility and shorter product development cycles, excellence in supply chain performance is inevitable.

An all rounded approach of the BSC can be used to capture the required production capacity, partnerships with stakeholders such as the Kenyan government, technological and demand capacity. Gender of respondents Table 4. For example, the BSC can overcome the challenge of high processing costs through the internal business perspective by having measures such as reduced order cycle time and efficient capacity utilization. The chapter discusses the balanced scorecard measures relating to financial, customer, internal business, and learning and growth perspectives, challenges faced in the implementation of the BSC and the conceptual framework showing the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.


Diplomarbeiy measures Figure 4. It has also been recommended that other organizations embrace the BSC measures to embrace the benefits such as product leadership, improved flexibility, and increased information capital among others. Supply chain performance measurement systems are essential for better decision making by management and good communication across the entire supply chain including supply chain partners and employees.

Laden Sie Ihre eigenen Arbeiten hoch! The case studies exploited in the paper balaanced the BSC model, but did not investigate its implementation in factual cases.

State of the art und Entwicklungspotenziale im Supply Chain Control Interdependencies within the Customer and Internal Business Perspective. Interdependencies within the Customer and Internal Business Perspective Every company is highly influenced by its internal processes and its customers.

Interdependencies within the Innovation and Learning Perspective 3. Furthermore, having local competitors such as Jungle nuts and Equatorial nuts as well as in other countries such as South Africa and Guatemala Cabi,there is need for the company to implement performance measures that ensure world class performance.