The Bahtinov Mask is a very elegant solution to one of the biggest problems that Masks are unique to each telescope so to generate your own template, you. Make Your Own Bahtinov Focusing Mask: A Bahtinov Mask will help focus your telescope or camera lens on Step 4: Cut a Mask Template on the Vinyl Cutter. High Quality Aluminum Bahtinov mask. The Bahtinov mask achieves perfect focus in seconds. The Bahtinov Mask was invented by Pavel Bahtinov from Russia. Click Here for a printable order form. Note that orders will be processed by.

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Horizontal slot count Horizontal slot count must be a positive integer. Override the slot width here. Next step was to measure the telescope outter diameter, and to draw a circle on plastic. If 0, the angled slots will start at the center of the mask, and move towards the outside top or bottom. The Bahtinov Mask invented by Pavel Bahtinov, a respected Russian astro-photographer, will work with both kinds of camera by producing a distinctive ‘diffraction pattern’ in a similar manner to the way a four vane secondary mirror spider vane on a Newtonian reflector produces a four pronged star and that of a three vaned spider vane produces a six pronged star.

The Spike-a attaches securely to your scope using nylon screws to ensure the finish of your telescope is protected. For refractors, this should be 0.

HFD is the bahtino diameter of a star in which half the energy of the templafe is contained. I’ve also read reports on printing the mask on paper with a laser printer and then transfering it to a glass using a hot iron – method which is suitable for making a small mask for DSLR or a refractor. You might want to adjust downwards to avoid generating tiny cutouts at the very top and bottom of the right-hand quadrants.

Focal length must be a positive number. Quality Materials and Workmanship The Spike-a Bahtinov mask is made from quality light weight aluminum and machined with precision tools, then anodized black to eliminate light reflection.


Home Made Bahtinov Focusing Mask & Templates

Bahtinov Masks are unique to each telescope so to generate your own template, you will need to enter three important pieces of information into the dialogue boxes, your telescope’s focal length, aperture and outside diameter of the dew shield on a refractor or the outside diameter of the front templatr the telescope on a reflector.

All credit for the mask goes to Pavel Bahtinov for creating the design, and to Dennis Sakva for championing it on Cloudy Nights.

The Spike-a mask will last you for a lifetime of imaging. You should use Adobe PDF or a similar software for printing. Once you have downloaded this software, a simple demonstration of its capabilities would be to try it out on each of the three test images in Figure 1.

Unless you feel strongly about it, leave this uchecked. These two methods seek to provide an empirical method of achieving focus but because of changes in the ‘seeing’ between shots, they are not always easy to use. Bahtinov mask is highly superior to the Hartmann focusing mask, its predecessor, however it is more complicated to make. This is because the human brain interprets geometrical shape bahtinof faster than a numerical value, and is capable of evalutating its “average” position much easier.

Seeing conditions will not significantly affect the diffraction spike pattern, which means the Spike-a is even useful for visual work. The most elegant ways of building the mask are laser cutting, CNC or even 3D printing.

In my etmplate I had to print the mask on two pages. Top margin must be a non-negative number. Slot width override mm Slot width override must be a positive number. Left margin must be a non-negative number. Edge thickness mm Edge thickness must be a positive number. This value is similar to that of FWHM but is considered to be more reliable especially in conditions of poor seeing.

Points for a mounting ring. If you have questions, comments, issues, suggestions, or if you’d like to be notified when the generator is updated, shoot an e-mail to david at astrojargon dot net. Using one of these masks attached to the front of your camera, accurate focus can bahttinov achieved using the built in screen of a DSLR camera or the captured image of an astro-CCD camera on a computer screen.


How to Make Bahtinov Mask, PDF Templates – DeepSky Watch

Has no effect if the central obstruction diameter is 0. Mac 40D Shutter Count. In a similar way – a daylight solar filter can be made, by glueing a sheet of ” Astrosolar ” film or a similar product between two circles of plastic. The width of the structural bars – the vertical bar and the horizontal bar separating the upper and lower quadrants.

The Bahtinov Mask

By setting the amount to a positive number, they start farther to the outside. I have generated printable PDF templates for the most popular telescope apertures using the original bahtinov mask generator from “Astrojargon” website.

It is important to keep the lines straight and parallel to ensure that diffraction spikes will be bright and thin. The value calculated for the slot width, given bahyinov focal length and the Bahtinov factor. Then I cut a few strips of plastic, to fit these 12 cutouts 2. Angle must be a non-negative bahtinoov between 0 and You might want to adjust upwards to avoid generating tiny slots at the center right of the right-hand quadrants.

Scale to 72 DPI. The Bahtinov Mask is a very elegant solution to one of the biggest problems that besets the deep sky astro-photographer – focus! The Spike-a mask shows you exactly where the perfect focus point is every time, regardless of seeing conditions. I used the small mask to achieve focus, and it was very easy to use and produced great results.

Sripe count must be a positive integer. You can override this value below. The central spike moves left or right relative to the diagonal “X” spikes according to focus position.

I used a masking tape, making sure it’s smooth and held firmly in place.