Buy ASME NQA Quality Assurance Requirements For Nuclear Facility Applications from SAI Global. ASME NQA-1– (Revision of ASME NQA-1–). Quality. Assurance. Requirements for. Nuclear Facility. Applications. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA (95 addenda) and editions. The requirements of these documents shall be complied with .

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The design organization approving the change shall have demonstrated competence in the specific design area of interest and have an adequate understanding of the requirements and intent of the original design. The Standards Committee that approved the code or standard was balanced to assure that individuals from competent and concerned interests have had an opportunity to participate. These documents subsequently contributed to the development of the 10 CFR Part 21 related commercial grade item definitions.

Measuring or test equipment consistently found to be out-ofcalibration shall be repaired or replaced. NSL has been audited by Global Quality Assurance GQAa third party entity that is recognized throughout the nuclear industry for their leadership in compliance assessment. March 14, The edition of this Standard is being issued with an automatic addenda subscription service. Inspection for acceptance shall be performed by qualified persons other than those who performed or directly supervised the work being inspected.

Such documents shall include or be supplemented with appropriate criteria from para. NSL provides critical ase testing data to members of the nuclear power supply chain; from raw material and parts manufacturers, to engineering and construction firms, to plant operators. Part III is intended to provide explanatory information and guidance for use by organizations in developing and implementing their programs.

The organizational structure, functional responsibilities, levels of authority, and lines of communications for activities affecting quality shall be documented. An does not pre-qualify or exempt an organization from a qualification audit being performed by the Purchaser of the items or services provided by the organization.

PD635 ASME NQA-1-2008/1A-2009 Quality Assurance

Requirement 14 Inspection, Test, and Operating Status. Special handling tools and equipment shall be inspected and tested in accordance with procedures at specified time intervals or prior to use.


These requirements shall assme specified, as appropriate by reference to specific drawings, specifications, codes, standards, regulations, procedures, or instructions, including revisions thereto that describe the items or services to be furnished. Instructions, Procedures, and Drawings.

NQA-1 – Wikipedia

Content of the Procurement Documents. Prospective Lead Auditors shall participate in a minimum of five quality assurance audits within a period of time not to exceed 3 years prior to the date of qualification, one audit of which shall be a nuclear quality assurance audit within the year prior to qualification.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Nuclear safety and security. Design inputs shall be specified on a timely basis and translated into design documents. The reviewing organization shall have access to pertinent background data or information upon which to base their approval. An audit should not be confused with surveillance or inspection activities performed for the sole purpose of process control or product acceptance.

The work activities include but are not limited to managing, planning, siting investigation, design, computer software utilization, procurement, fabrication, manufacturing, installing, inspecting, testing, operating, and decommissioning.

Control of Purchased Items and Services. When such an assembly or component part is a commercial grade item, the critical characteristics of the item to be verified for acceptance and the acceptance criteria for those characteristics shall be documented.

WJE Compliant with ASME NQA-1 Nuclear Regulatory Standard | News | WJE

The design and construction of a single storage facility, vault room, or container shall be reviewed for adequacy by a person competent in fire protection or contain a certification or rating from an accredited organization. The requirements for any given item shall incorporate restrictions on particulate contaminants, organic contaminants, water-soluble contaminants, and water content as appropriate for the item.

Controlled conditions include the use of appropriate equipment, suitable environmental conditions for accomplishing the activity, and assurance that prerequisites for the given activity have been 20008.

Nonconformances to design requirements dispositioned use-as-is or repair shall be subject to design control measures commensurate with those applied to the original design.

Lead Auditors who fail to maintain their proficiency for a period of 2 years or more shall require requalification. It also provides examples of methods for implementing asem requirements of Parts I and II. Part II, Subpart 2. Procurement document review shall be performed by personnel who have access to pertinent information and who have an adequate understanding of the requirements and intent of the procurement documents.


Applicable nonmandatory guidance for various subparts is provided in Part III.

The results of design verification shall be documented with the identification of the verifier clearly indicated. The applicable requirements of nqa1 Standard shall apply to dedication activities for acceptance.

NQA-1 Compliance for Nuclear Power Generation

Applicable Codes and Standards or design criteria controlling the qualification of NDE personnel shall be utilized nwa-1 establish the applicable ASNT qualification requirement and edition or to specify an equivalent alternative requirement. However, the applicability of standardized or previously proven designs, with respect to meeting pertinent design inputs, shall be verified for each application.

Record control requirements and responsibilities for these activities shall be documented. These activities shall be conducted in accordance with established work and inspection instructions, drawings, specifications, shipment instructions, or other pertinent documents or procedures specified for use in conducting the activity.

Preverified computer programs shall be azme in accordance with the requirements of this Standard. These controls shall provide for the acquisition, processing, and recorded evaluation of the quality assurance, technical, inspection, and test documentation or data against acceptance criteria. Qna-1 procurement documents shall identify appropriate test, inspection, and acceptance criteria for determining acceptability of the item or service. These verification functions include the following: Where special characteristics and specific requirements are needed for such systems, they shall be specified.

Control of Supplier Nonconformances. Temper films and discolorations resulting from welding are acceptable. Examples of nuclear facilities are facilities for power generation, spent fuel storage, waste management, nqqa-1 reprocessing, nuclear material processing, fuel fabrication, and other related facilities.

These submittals shall include Supplier-recommended disposition e.