Appunti di costruzioni idrauliche on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lezioni di acquedotti e fognature, Liguori Editore, Ippolito, G. “Appunti di Costruzioni Idrauliche”. Liguori Editore, Brothers, K.J., “A practical. Costruzioni Idrauliche, UTET, Torino; (2) G. Ippolito. Appunti di Costruzioni Idrauliche, Liguori Editore,. Napoli; (3) V. Milano. Acquedotti, Hoepli Editore, Milano;.

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Long pipes in uniform flow Design and analysis of functioning conditions branched and looped systems. Fluid Statics Basic equation for pressure field. The exam of the module consists of two written test Mode 1 or an oral discussion Mode 2. The tests have the aim udrauliche prove the ability of understanding the proposed problems and applying theoretical knowledge in appunit to obtain quantitative results, the skill to elaborate by self-judgment proper remarks, and the capacity to effectively communicate in a written form.

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Uniform depth channel flow. Sample constituted by students. Teaching methods The course is organized as follows: Steady state hydraulic flows in both open channels and pipes.

Viscous liquids Bernoulli equation for viscous liquid flows. Particularly, the continuity equation and the momentum equations will be derived from the fundamental eqautions of Physics, as relaible tools for engineers. The course aims at providing students with the basic elements that are necessary for the design and management of water supply and urban drainage systems, with specific reference to both the typically engineering-design aspects and the issues related to the management, collection and use of water resources.


Module: Urban hydraulics

Flow through porous media The Darcy law. A first-level degree is required for admission. Newton’s law and Newtonian fluids. The course is organized in different units as follows: Lagrangian and Eulerian approach. The course deals with the basic hydrological processes as the rainfall formation, the effective rainfall and the direct runoff generation, and describes measurement techniques of the main hydrological variables and methods for estimating hydrological variables and to design hydraulic infrastructures.

Trained Skills The course aims at providing students with the ability of designing, both from the purely engineering and system management viewpoint, water supply, distribution and collection systems, in anthropic environment.

Università di Pisa – Valutazione della didattica e iscrizione agli esami

Newton’s second law and fluid dynamics equation. The main expected learning results will be: Its main aim is to provide students with the basic analytical tools to analyze quantitatively flow processes.

The course is structured in lecturing hours, partially devoted to exercises also in the computer room.


Bernoulli theorem for a gradually varied flow. Text size Normal Large. Finite control volume analysis Continuity equation.

The course examines also water distribution systems and sewer systems. Foreign students should contact the teaching staff about the most suitable textbooks in English. De MartinoLiguori editore, Napoli, Building engineering and architecture. In order to understand and to apply the most important concepts discussed in the course is: Da Deppo L, e C. Text size Normal Large. Prerequisites In order to understand and to apply the most important concepts discussed in the course is: Extended program Basic differential equations for fluids Some characteristics and properties of fluids and liquids.

Mode 2 The oral exam, lasting about 45 minutes, is directed to check out the knowledge level over the course contents related to Municipal Water Systems, the ability to apply the studied models and techniques and the ability to select the proper methodology by self-judgement.