Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, the spirit who wrote though Anthony Borgia. This book is the first part of the later publication “Life in the World Unseen”. LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN. By ANTHONY BORGIA. FOREWORD BY SIR JOHN ANDERSON, BART. This pdf was created by Geoff Cutler, and is provided . life in the world unseen, new age spiritual novel describing how spirits or souls Received through the clairaudient mediumship of Anthony Borgia, an old friend.

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This first person account was something that I looked forward to each evening and I was kind of sad to reach the end. Anita rated it liked it Jul 23, Jan 25, Mike Radice rated it it was amazing. It was intended that they should be so from the beginning. It had a big impact on me and my husband Ren. Those who find themselves in the bleak and meagre surroundings of the dark realms have only themselves to reproach, for what they see about them is an outward expression of the current state of their spiritual progression.

Anthiny does not cover advanced spiritual topics such as achieving the new birth, in fact he has un limited comment on these matters, reserving them for another book entitled “Facts. Phillip Wood rated it it was amazing Dec 31, When he had been alive he had sermonized, lectured, and even wrote about that the afterlife is like.

Nov 10, Larry rated it really liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page.

Life in the World Unseen

Lisa rated it liked it Mar 08, Benson begins by giving background into his earth life, describes what it felt like when he was crossing over, and gives vivid descriptions on every aspect of heaven. No trivia or quizzes yet. Many researchers consider this to be the most comprehensive and accessible account borgix the afterlife ever communicated to us.


First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The result is Life in the World Unseen, a cornucopia of colours, sounds, fragrances and pointers that answer some of your questions and make you want to ask hundreds more.

Because we see things in a clear light in the spirit world, we regard the Church on earth – and by Church I mean all those religious bodies who nominate themselves Christian – we regard the Church upon earth not as a help to man in his spiritual progression, but as a downright and deliberate hindrance.

Mar 11, Marina Quattrocchi rated it it was amazing. Lance Weaver rated it liked it Mar 17, The Laws of Rapport And Communication. From the Spirit World, the Monsignor dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of these were converted into books. One of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. The spirit telling the tale in this case is an ex-catholic, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. Amanda rated it it was amazing Aug 13, What do Divine Love Christians believe?

This is the first in a number of books that claim to be the words of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, as received by Anthony Borgia. When he passed he realized that most of what he had written wasn’t truth.

Anthony Borgia and the Spirit Books he Authored.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The Padgett Messages in date order. It is along the lines of Betty Edie’s books. Very interesting description of life in the spirit world.

Imagine, if you will do I sound like Rod Serling?

Robert Hugh Benson was a Catholic priest who discovered when he transitioned that things he had written during his lifetime were in error, so through his friend Anthony Borgia he wrote a series of books of which this is the first and the best.

In the majority of folk they need developing and bringing out, and regulating along adequate lines so that the best may be made of them, just as the artist and musician, shall we say, must develop his abilities by working upon the right lines.


It has poured money into bricks and mortar because it really believes that the House lifr God warrants a lavish expenditure in art and architecture.

As I read on, various points rang true and my confidence grew. This is supposedly his story. The communicator, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, delightfully shows us, borgix both humour and compassion, how many of our preconceived notions of ‘the next life’ are substantially incorrect. It is one of several books dictated by Benson to Borgia who also passed away in at age Trivia About Life in the World There are 15 chapters describing heaven in great detail.

From the Next World, the spirit priest dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of these were converted into books. If you have ever had a fear of death and dying this is one of the best books you could read.

The Church says that ‘the dead’ cannot come back, or would not come back if they could. If you’ve ever wondered what heaven is like this is essential reading. Links To Sympathetic Sites. A thought provoking read. Yvonne rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Refresh and try again. Now if the whole earth world were to become psychically developed in every branch of its exposition, the earthplane would soon become a very different place.

Mediumship – the good and the bad. Nevertheless I believe the book is valuable, as a typical tale of what happens to many people post death. May 13, Roberta Grimes rated it it was amazing.

Scott Birk rated it it was amazing Mar 03, The charm, though, is probably what detracts from its power to ring true at every step. When he had been alive he had Imagine, if you will do I sound like Rod Serling?