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Practice Bulletins – ACOG

Future recommendations should incorporate previous and future findings of improved pregnancy outcomes with specific volumes of physical activity.

One potential reason for the inconsistencies in defining physical activity during pregnancy and the prevalence of women meeting physical activity guidelines in the literature is the subtle differences in the wording of the ACOG exercise guideline [ 2 ]. Journal of the American Medical Association.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for all American adults, including pregnant women, encourage the activity to be spread throughout the week. The guidelines included 1 minutes of accumulated moderate-vigorous physical activity MVPA [ 2111719 ], 2 minutes of MVPA performed in periods comppendium at least 10 minutes [ 12 ], 3 minutes of MVPA performed for at least 10 minutes with 1 minute of vigorous activity equivalent to 2 minutes of moderate activity M2VPA [ 8 ], 4 at least 3 sessions of MVPA [ 724 ] sustained 2031 at least 30 minutes at a time [ 141623 ], 5 at least 5 sessions of MVPA sustained for at least minutes at a time [ 131520 ], and 6 at least MET minutes accumulated throughout the week [ 18 ].

Physical Activity during Pregnancy: Impact of Applying Different Physical Activity Guidelines

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. They spent countless additional hours writing and deliberating to achieve consensus on the practice recommendations that follow in the Executive Summary. In this model see Figure 2health outcomes research defines the appropriate volume duration, frequency, intensity and type of activity related to specific health benefits for multiple populations all across the life span.

Prevalence and correlates of objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behavior among US pregnant women. Comppendium evaluate the remaining nonwear time, it was assumed that nearly 1 hour of self-care per day would result in approximately minutes of nonwear time per week; thus files with more than minutes per week of off-body time were deemed as noncompliant and excluded from the analysis for that data collection period.


Acknowledgments A special recognition is given to the women that participated in this study and the undergraduate and graduate students of Dr. The amount of activity performed and the number of women meeting six different PA guidelines were evaluated. Some studies have focused on accumulating at least 30 minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity MVPA throughout the day [ 1112 ]. Since our observation of activity occurred near week 18 of pregnancy, it cokpendium likely that some women were not participating in this class at week 18 but were by the time physical activity was assessed at week Recommendations to perform minutes of moderately intense activity, such as the DHHS guidelines, have been adopted for use in pregnancy from nonpregnant physical activity guidelines.

Table 1 Definitions of physical activity guidelines and activity categorizations. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. French Pregnancy Physical Compenndium Questionnaire compared with an accelerometer cut point to classify physical activity among pregnant obese women. Objectively measured physical activity during pregnancy: Support Center Support Center.

The Rapid Recert™ Compendium Review

The amount of moderate and vigorous activity was assessed by the SWA except for activity endured during water submersion e. The armband data files were processed and evaluated using six different physical activity guidelines. As a result, the current literature reports considerable discrepancies as to whether or aclg the maternal physical activity ocmpendium an effective approach to prevent such complications [ 28 — 34 ].

Due to the observational design of the study, no additional medical prescreens for exercise were needed. Maternal mortality associated with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Compendium of Selected Publications CD-ROM by Acog (Hardcover): : Books

Table 3 Distribution of pregnant women meeting physical activity guidelines. Physical activity in U. Considerable appreciation is also given to Dr.

Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology. Retrieved March 20, International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Physical activity data were tested for normality prior to any analysis using the D’Agostino-Pearson test and visually analyzed with the use of normality plots and histograms to evaluate the distribution of the data. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Conflict of Interests None of compednium authors report any conflict of interests with any of the companies listed in this paper.


The previously described studies used a variety of methods both subjective and objective to assess physical activity data and a variety of definitions to determine the adherence to physical activity guidelines. Secular trends in the rates of preeclampsia, eclampsia, and gestational hyper- tension, United States, — The monitor was worn 24 hours a day with the exception of water activities for a 7-day period.

A special recognition is cmpendium to the women that participated in this study and the undergraduate and graduate students of Dr.

These recommendations of 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise on most, if not all, days of the week were reaffirmed by ACOG in [ 2 ].

Additionally, participation in a prenatal aqua aerobics class is common in the local community. An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. However, pregnancy guidelines for Americans have not yet adopted this part of the recommendation. The recommendation for shorter sustained bouts of activity transpired from a summary of experimental findings in nonpregnant adults suggesting that activity performed at a cokpendium of at least moderate intensity and sustained for at least 10 scog at a time was as effective as single, longer bouts of activity in lowering chronic disease risk [ 9 ].

As described, multiple guidelines have been used to assess levels of physical activity and exercise throughout pregnancy. Recommendations for the nonpregnant population are very similar; however, they specifically state that the activity can be accumulated in minimum bouts of 10 minutes.

Furthermore, it is imperative to use an assessment tool, whether it be subjective or objective, which has been validated for use in pregnant women.