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Characteristics of the 2SA bipolar transistor. Type – p-n-p; Collector-Emitter Voltage: V; Collector-Base Voltage: V; Emitter-Base Voltage: 5 V. TOSHIBA 2SA(F.M) | Transistor: PNP; bipolar; V; 1A; 2W; TOAB – This product is available in Transfer Multisort Elektronik. Check out our wide range. 2SA PNP EPITAXIAL SILICON TRANSISTOR. UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. 2 of 4 QW-RG. ▫ ABSOLUTE.

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And stops at 2SA People here order from them also.

Looks like you have the same lot I have, the 5: You saw I did write I compare in detail with the one I bought from Digikey 3 years ago and they are identical except the lot number 5: HyperionNov 9, Q from digikey, the package are identical in every single detail.

That means the transistors were fabricated with JIS numbers issued just after the edition was printed. I picked 2SA mainly by the Vbe.

Toshiba 2SA1837(F) PNP High Voltage Bipolar Transistor, 1 A, 230 V, 3-Pin TO-220

AlanNov 30, Share This Page Tweet. From datasheet, hfe is minimum AlanDec 2, This is from Bdent, not any ebay stuffs. The weird thing is that in my little component tester I am getting a pretty uniform hFe on the 2SC, but a much lower 9and also fairly consistent hFe on the 2SA’s.



They look OK but. I picked this by the low Vbe, most of the TO transistor have higher Vbe than 0. I got these from Bdent. Please contribute what you can to sales audiokarma. I measure the Vbe at about 10mA, Vbe is between 0.

Fake components are being made, regardless of price. I even have pictures of the two for you to see. Log in or Sign up. Unless anyone else knows of any other decent possible sub at the same specs?

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Discussion in ‘ DIY ‘ started by slimecityNov 9, This transistor is just got discontinued, it is cheap, I just don’t think there is incentive to make fake one for this cheap price. AlanNov 9, Good ole Ceitron in the US also has em in stock: AlanNov 11, No, create an account now. Your name or email address: That’s normal, they build by the lots, you don’t expect the ones bought 3 year ago are from the same lot.


They seems to be a big outfit. You are right to be looking carefully at the replacements for these transistors, the mechanical and electronic chracteristics of the originals are difficult to match. Especially now that the above mentioned replacements availability has fallen off the edge of a cliff.

They are rated at Mhz. Stamped under all the “2SA’s” and 2SC is “5: Anyone know a good source for 2sw1837 Do you already have an account?

Thanks peeps – I think I need to stock up on these to potentially replace those I choose this transistor for the low Vbe. These parts are relatively expensive, making them a very attractive target for fakers.

You can see in very detail the look of the lot 4: I did measure the Vbe, it is in agreement with the ones I bought from Digikey 3 years ago.